Hello and welcome to Build a Bears Furever. My name is Diamond, yes, the same Diamond from AG Dolls and Fun and World of AG Dolls. I love blogging and one of the reasons I quit AG Dolls and Fun was because I was focused on Build a Bears. I have loved BABs for almost 10 years. Recently, I’ve started back blogging with World of AG Dolls. I realized my love for blogging. I looked for Build a Bear focused blogs, and I didn’t really find any. So, I thought “Why not start one?” I’ve been toying with the idea for the past few weeks and finally decided to do it. Here we are! I probably won’t post that much because a( I’m a busy girl. And b( World of AG Dolls is my main blog. I will post on there more often than here. My goal is to post at least once a month. That shouldn’t be too hard, so I think I will make that.
So what type of content will be featured on here? Some of my writings about my Build a Bears, Family trees, Videos, Crafts, Photoshoots, and introductions. Speaking of introductions, Would you like to know how many BABs I have? Really? OK, I have 47 BABs. That’s a lot huh? I might include other special stuffed animals – not just BABs. I have 3 special stuffed animals that I treat as Build a Bears. I will introduce most of them later.
A heads up – Some of the things I’ve written are old so, they might be bad quality. Also, there have been stages where I go in and out of BABs. I will try to post once a month, every month. Also, Amethyst might post here too. Some of the 47 BABs are hers and sometimes she’ll post on World of AG Dolls. Her favorite BAB of hers is Wicket. Actually, she’ll probably do a post about Wicket, or better yet, Wicket might write a post. We’ll see about that.
I hope to have many fun memories on this blog. I think it will be fun. And guess what, I don’t care if anyone reads this or not, because I blog for me!


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