50 Build A Bears? (too many, way too many saws Amethyst=)

Hello again! I thought that in this post, I would introduce you to my Build a Bears. So, I have 47 BABs and 3 stuffed animals that I treat as BABs. In other words, I have 50 Build a Bears. I will introduce you to them.

     First, let’s have a little story. Before I got my first BAB, I used to go to the BABW all the time. I never got a BAB though. One day I went with my mom, and she bought me Brownie. Brownie is a Brown Sugar Puppy. This was the first of many. Next, I got Cinnamon. Another Brown Sugar Puppy, but another version this time. Then came Hal and Holly. Snuggly, the Scruffy Puppy, Starburst, the Lil’ Bunny Big Ears, Velvety, the Hypo-Allergenic dog. For a while, Velvety was my favorite. I took her everywhere. Then in late November, my mom had to have surgery. My dad and I got her a BAB, Lil Choc, a Lil Chocolate Cub. He went to the hospital with her. Next, I got Patrioticy, the Patriotic Pup. Let’s see, who’s next? Ah, Daisy the Blossom Bunny. Then, Goldie, the Yellow Lab. I got Swirl, a small fry, and Bella, a Colorful Hearts Bear. (Yes, the recalled one) My mom got Cokie (Pronounced like Coke-y, not Cookie) a Lil Coconut Cub(?). After this, I went through a stage where I was uninterested in BABs.
In April 2013, I became interested in BAB again, after seeing the My Little Pony advertisements. I wanted Rainbow Dash. In June of that year, I got her. Next I got Twilight Sparkle and Spike. Then came Periwinkle (A Furever Hearts Bear) Later, on July 31st, 2014, Peri and Lil Choc got married! More on that subject later. Back to 2013, I got Fluttershy and Golden (a mini Golden Retriver), and Pinkie Pie around Christmastime. Now, in 2014. I got Pumpkin, the Palace Pet. Rarity, Treasure, AJ, Summer, Rudolph and Clarice that year. 2015, Eden, a Snowy Sparkles bunny, Teacup. Remember when I told you that Lil Choc and Peri got married? Well, in April of 2015, they had quadruplets. Chip, Sandy, Cherry and Cherie. They are so cute and fun. Next, I got Cadance. Treasure got Gracie, a little lamb. (Hehe, I guess Treasure had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb) Then, Gracie said that her and Sandy could be twins. Not completely sure how a bear and a lamb can be twins, but I don’t question it.😉 Let’s see, who’s next? Hmmm, Apple Blossom is next. AJ adopted Apple Blossom. Emma comes up next, a Shimmering Shamrock bear. She’s got herself an Irish accent. Periwinkle had another baby! Her name is Candy. Berry (#40) was next. Yeah, so Berry was supposed to be my last BAB, yeah right. Actually, if I say it like that, then Snuggly was supposed to my last. Yeah, I have too many. (YES, INDEED, Amethyst again=) After Berry, Rudolph and Clarice got married. Then, I got Dreamy. I wanted Dreamy for a while, but she had sold out. Luckily, I found she was available online, But…well, that’s a story for another day.😊 Next day, Christmas day, My mom got Jingles(Which she gave to me) and Wicket(given to my dad originally). Yes, I will have to have Wicket make his own post(series maybe?) on here. Let’s just say, he wants a wife, and he is the most popular BAB in the house. You’d think that that would be one of mine, but instead, one of my moms. LOL! After the 1st of the year in 2016, Rudolph and Clarice had twins. Rudy and Claire. Can you guess who they were named after? Next, Cloud was born. Yep, Periwinkle has 6 kids now. (Although, Cloud and Candy would say otherwise. They seem to think that there will be seven of them. What?) For Easter, I got Petal. When we went to Disney in May, I got Stitch! Stitch is AWESOME! Then, on Memorial day, Cadance’s husband and Twilight’s brother, Shining Armor, showed up. The most recent BAB (or special stuffed animal) was Angel, Stitch’s girlfriend.
So, where are we now? Now, we are embarking on this new and amazing journey. Starting a blog to document all of our adventures.What does the future hold? I don’t know about that. What I do know is that I am so excited to have this blog. I can’t wait to share more!To Build a Bears and beyond . . .


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