Trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop + An Introduction

Hello friends! On April 14th, I was able to go to Build a Bear. We might have bought some stuff. We might have new addition(s). I will share the pictures I took, and maybe make an introduction.

Ah, yes. Of course Wicket was driving.
Aww. Where have I been to miss the release of this cutie.
This is a hint to what Wicket wants.
Also, why did I not know Starlight was made into a Build a Bear?
Cloud says, “Kylo Ren!”
The ponies! I seriously need Rarity’s cape. I’m so glad they re-released it.
OK, so I won’t share everything we got just yet. But, I will share one thing.
From left to right: Chip, Cherry, Cloud, Cali, Candy, Cherie, and Sandy. Lil Choc and Peri are in the back.

Miss Cali Swirl! Her birthday is on April 14th, just 10 days before four of her siblings. Yes, today, April 24th, is Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry’s birthday.

And of course, I gave the family a new photoshoot now.
This is for the birthday kids! I can’t believe they are 2 now!
I like the last two pictures a lot. I think they remind me of the Walt and Mickey statue.
I hope you enjoyed my post!

5 thoughts on “Trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop + An Introduction”

  1. Thanks! Cali sure agrees with you 😉 Also, thank you so much for being the very first commenter on this blog. You're so sweet.

    Diamond (and Cali)


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