Cloud talks about … Star Wars!

Hello friends! As you can probably guess from the title, Cloud is going to be talking about his very favorite subject, Star Wars! I’ll hand it over to him now!
*Stares at TV*
Ahem, Cloud. That’s your cue.
Oh! Excuse me. My name is Cloud and I was just watching my favorite movie, The Force Awakens! Star Wars is epic. I really like Kylo Ren. Except for the fact – Ahem, Cloud, no spoilers. Fine fine. I like Kylo Ren except for the fact that he’s on the dark side. The whole movie is good. On the other hand, there’s Rogue One. CLOUD UPSET AT ROGUE ONE! WHY! Anyway, I haven’t seen the other movies yet, but I want to. Also, I’m a real Jedi!
Cloud out!

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