The BAB’s Trip Day 2

Hello friends! Would you like to hear more about our trip? Well, you’re in luck because this is the second day’s events!
First, we picked up a scooter for Amethyst. I won’t go into details, but she has issues walking sometimes.
Then, we went grocery shopping and ate at IHOP with family. Across from IHOP was a souvenir store. I’d never been into one, and I wanted to try it, so we did!
They sold the coolest sunglasses in the world.
And apparently Autograp books? What?
We got back to the hotel for an afternoon break, and then off to the parks for us!
EPCOT was where we went today. They had the Flower festival going on. Which, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed that they used the same topiaries as last year.
First thing, we headed to Soarin’.
After Soarin’, we went to the Pixar Short Film Festival. So good!
For dinner, we ate at Chefs De France.
This was my dinner. I don’t even know if I ate half of it. Very filling.
This is a sun dial. My dad got from this that the time was 6, and it was!
Last year, we ate here. It was so good! Too bad I was full today.
I have a Shellie May bear. I will try to feature her on here sometime.
Love her shirt!
This show was pretty cool.
I love the Figment ride.
And I took AMAZING pictures. (seriously not trying to brag, just amazed at how they turned out)
Living with the Land was next on the schedule.
Next up, Spaceship Earth.
After Spaceship Earth, It was time to head back.
Cloud and Candy had a surprise in the bag. I’ll have to share it sometime.
Treasure and Summer had a note for me.
Silly Treasure, she hung her clothes up with mine.
That night, we decided to take a walk around the resort.
I thought Twilight would get a kick out of this. She went through a, um, “potty mouth” phase.
Well, I guess that’s all for day 2. We certainly had fun.

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