The Build a Bear’s Trip Day 1 and BABW Haul

Hello friends! Recently, I took some Build a Bears to Disney World with me. I took some pictures and had lots of fun. I will share a few pictures now.
Three of Peri’s kids. Candy, Cali and Cloud
Wicket’s reflection.
I think Cloud smelled something bad. My guess is that this is when we went through Savannah.
Somewhere in between these two pictures, we stopped by Build a Bear Workshop in the mall of Florida. I picked up something. You will see at the end of this post.
Ooooh, we’re getting close!
That’s our resort!
The master bedroom.
Master bath.
Dining room.
Second bedroom.
Second bathroom.
A better view of the kitchen.
I guess I didn’t get a very good picture of the living room. Wyndham Bonnet Creek is HUGE. The room we stayed at was 1200 sq. feet. That’s like, as big as my house!
Oooh! What is in the bag.
This is the only thing I got at Build a Bear. I like it.
A view of the resort.
So the first day, we drove down, went to the mall, and got settled into the room. After we did that, we went out for dinner. By the time we finished with dinner, it was late. We went to bed.
More to come in day 2!

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