The BAB’s Trip Day 4

Hello friends! Today, I have day 4 for you all to read. Wow, I took this trip in May, and I am just now getting to posting this. Oops…
There’s the Magic Kingdom! It’s so exciting!
Before we entered the park, we explored the surrounding resorts. This is the Grand Floridian from the monorail.
Cloud hitched a ride on the monorail!
We went to eat at Kona Cafe. Tonga toast, mmmmm.
Cloud can barely hold in his excitement!
EEEshhh! When’s the Tonga Toast coming?
Oh look at how delicious this is!
Cloud, are you trying to steal a bite of my food?
Cloud: Um, no?
Cloud put the flower in his hair.
There’s the Grand Floridian!
It is so shiny in there.
Yay! There’s the castle! This is so exciting!
First, we went on Peter Pan’s Flight! It was a blast!
This is a bad quality picture of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.
Winnie the Pooh time!
Now,  this is on the peoplemover.
We got on Under the Sea, and then went back  to the resort.
Cloud enjoyed this short, wonder why?:)
So, at Bonnet Creek, they had a room set aside for firework viewing. That’s Epcot.
Cloud is so excited for Illuminations to start!
This is actually pretty cool, so we were watching Illuminations, and then Wishes popped up as well! Double fireworks anyone?
That wraps up day 4!

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