The Stone Family Girls ~ A Photo Shoot

Hello friends! Today I have a Photo Shoot for you all! I recently sewed matching dresses for the Stone girls, so I was insprired to take pictures of them! I will be sharing facts about them too! Here is all of the girls. Periwinkle, or Peri, is a good mom. Aww, Cali, the baby of… Continue reading The Stone Family Girls ~ A Photo Shoot

The BAB Club

Hello Friends! So, a while back I started a club for me and my Build-a-Bears. The club was really fun. We had a monthly newsletter, a list of special activities, and exclusive parties on birthdays and holidays. We also had monthly meetings, and member of the month, a special spotlight where I randomly chose a… Continue reading The BAB Club

Dreamy’s Guide to Taking Cat-Naps + Palace Pet Introduction

Hello Friends! I'm Dreamy and I will be giving you tips on how to take good cat-naps. I love a good cat-nap, don't you? *YAWNS* But first, I will introduce you to the other Palace Pets. This is Pumpkin, Cinderella's dog. This is Treasure, Ariel's cat. MWAHHHAHHHH! You guys haven't really seen much of me… Continue reading Dreamy’s Guide to Taking Cat-Naps + Palace Pet Introduction

The Dolly PhotoFunia Challenge #DollyPhotoFunia

Before I officially start this post, I'd like to apologize for not posting very much on here. I have been busy, and just simply not very focused on blogging on this blog, or my other one. Sorry! Hey guys! So started this challenge! I totally encourage anyone to do it, it's a ton of fun! Here… Continue reading The Dolly PhotoFunia Challenge #DollyPhotoFunia

The BAB’s Trip Day 5

Hello friends! Ready for more of our trip from May? Well, here it is! The Epcot welcome sign! We're getting close! Yes, we get our own entrance. Pretty cool, huh? The Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot is truly beautiful. Time for some Agent P! Ahh, the waters of Epcot are always so beautiful. Cali!… Continue reading The BAB’s Trip Day 5


Treasure: Hey guys! Guess what? This is technically our first post on this blog, and we are NOT happy about that. I'm Treasure, the awesomest one, and this is my friend Twilight, the semi-awesome one. Twilight: HEY! I thought we agreed that we were equally awesome! TR: Suuuurrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee, we did... TW: Anyway, we have a… Continue reading How To Be AWESOME!