Treasure: Hey guys! Guess what? This is technically our first post on this blog, and we are NOT happy about that. I’m Treasure, the awesomest one, and this is my friend Twilight, the semi-awesome one.
Twilight: HEY! I thought we agreed that we were equally awesome!
TR: Suuuurrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee, we did…
TW: Anyway, we have a post for you. We are going to teach all you guys how to be awesome.
TW: I like that, but awesomize isn’t a word.
TR: It is for awesome people! First lesson, awesome people make up words!
TR: So, the first thing you can do to be awesome, is look awesome. If you are orange, then you already look awesome. If not, then wear orange. Orange = AWESOME!
TW: And purple is awesome too…
TR: See! Now you could look somewhat like me. SO AWESOME!
TR: Next, you’ll need an awesome laugh. Mine is evil…AHAHAHAHAHAH! You also will need to be uber confident. You must act like the most awesome person in the world.
Also, if you ever do anything to get in trouble, remember, your evil twin did it. NOT YOU! Awesome people don’t get in trouble.
TR: Example: What??? I would never break into your house and steal your T.V. Why would you assume it was me?
Oh! You caught someone that looked exactly like me on your security camera!? That must have been my evil twin Pleasure! She really isn’t a pleasure to be around, despite her name.
See, you just got yourself out of jail!
TR: I think that’s enough for now. TWILIGHT! COME HELP ME WITH THE OUTRO!
TR: Ahhh, Orange makes me happy. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post! And if you didn’t, then Pleasure wrote it. Bye!
TW: Yeah, we look forward to making more posts and sharing our awesomeness with the world!

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