Dreamy’s Guide to Taking Cat-Naps + Palace Pet Introduction

Hello Friends! I’m Dreamy and I will be giving you tips on how to take good cat-naps. I love a good cat-nap, don’t you? *YAWNS* But first, I will introduce you to the other Palace Pets.
This is Pumpkin, Cinderella’s dog.
This is Treasure, Ariel’s cat.
MWAHHHAHHHH! You guys haven’t really seen much of me yet, but trust me you will!
This is Summer, she’s Rapunzel’s cat.
Next, we have Belle’s dog, Teacup!
Last but not least, Berry, Snow White’s bunny.
We are all very close and the best of friends.
OK, so now that I’ve introduced everyone, time to give you guys a guide to taking cat-naps!
First, you’ll need to find the ideal location. You can nap virtually anywhere, but to have a decent cat-nap, then you need a bed.
Ah, that’s perfect!
Snuggle up in your bed and…zzzzzzzzz.
“Berry! Do you have to bake blueberry pie in my awesomeness space?”
“What the heck is awesomeness space?”
“Guys!” OK, readers, you definitely need to get a quiet space, free from bickering siblings.
“Treasure, Berry, can you take your argument somewhere else? I’m trying to take a cat-nap!”
Hopefully, your siblings will be thoughtful, and leave without a fight, but sadly mine were not. But, they did finally leave.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………OH! I guess I’m supposed to say goodbye and sign off now huh? I’m so tired……

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