The BAB Club

Hello Friends! So, a while back I started a club for me and my Build-a-Bears. The club was really fun. We had a monthly newsletter, a list of special activities, and exclusive parties on birthdays and holidays. We also had monthly meetings, and member of the month, a special spotlight where I randomly chose a member for that month. I had a lot of fun. I was thinking recently, “I miss the Build-a-Bear club.” Well, now is the perfect time to restart the club. But, what if we could make it an interactive thing? I could create a password protected page that only club members (followers) have access to. It could have a few elements that the old BAB club had, such as member spotlights, monthly newsletters, and special club activities. I think it would be totally fun, but here’s the catch. I would have to have a follower before starting the club. You can’t have a club with no members right?
So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments or type in your email in the sidebar.If I don’t get any follows in the next few months or so, then I might make BAB club posts anyway. I think it would be such a fun idea and I think it would be fun to read.

Does the BAB seem like a good idea to you?

3 thoughts on “The BAB Club”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS YES! That is a totally awesome, amazing, and super fun idea! I do follow you using Blogger (I'm the S C you see in the sidebar), so I get access to the secret page, right? *puppy face* XD Can't wait for this!


  2. Thank you! I actually still have to prepare this page and I have no idea how long that will take, but when it gets ready I will totally let you know! Yes, you will get access to it assuming everything works out.


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