The Stone Family Girls ~ A Photo Shoot

Hello friends! Today I have a Photo Shoot for you all! I recently sewed matching dresses for the Stone girls, so I was insprired to take pictures of them! I will be sharing facts about them too!
Here is all of the girls. Periwinkle, or Peri, is a good mom.
Aww, Cali, the baby of the family. Peri finally had a child that looks exactly like her.
Did you know that all of the Stone kids have the same initials? See there’s Peri and Lil Choc Stone (the parents), then Chip Scout Stone (See he’s a Chip off the old block, except in our case, a Chip off the old Choc. Get it?), Cierra Sandy Stone (She goes by Sandy), Cherie Squinkles Stone, Cherry Sprinkles Stone, Candy Sunshine Stone, Cloud Star Stone, and finally, Cali Swirl Stone.
And pose!
I write lots of stories about the Stones; I’d like to share some on here eventually.
Cherry loves her mommy.
One of the kids favorite things, is to cuddle together. They also give each other bear hugs often. (pun intended)
Cali, the sweetheart.
Cherry, the crazy daredevil.
Sandy, the chill older sis.
Cherie, the sensitive one.
Candy, she is a bit childish, but also very mature. She still has a very short attention span.
Peri, the mother. She loves to care for her kids.
Cali often can be a bit clingy to her mom.
All of the sisters. ❤
The twins!
These three are a bit more daring than the others. They play well together. (Well, most of the time)
Sandy and Cherie are a bit more laid back.
Mommy (Peri) loves each and every one of her children.
Bear hug time!
The oldest sis, and the youngest.
All of the sisters piled in for one last group shot.
I had a lot of  fun taking these pictures and writing the captions. What did you think of the pictures?  The bears?
With a Cherry on top!
❤ Cali ❤

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