2017 Recap

Hey guys! Today I decided to do a recap of 2017. I thought it would be a good way to catch up since I haven’t posted much recently.
AGP Charlotte for the GOTY debut
In comparison, January was somewhat uneventful. We took two daytrips, one to Charlotte NC, the other to Charleston SC. My dad surprised me with the purchase of our Disney World annual passes, and my mom let me get my ears pierced. (more on that story later)
My silhouette at Disney World
In February, we had a blast. My dad went to Alabama, my mom and I went to North Carolina to visit her family, and then we all went to Disney World-all in the same week. My birthday was in February, and then we went on a daytrip to North Carolina to visit my mom’s family again.
Our blog button
We had fun in March. I started this blog on March 4th. This was my first post. My dad went skiing, and we got our dogs groomed while he was gone. We went to NC to visit my mom’s family again, ad oh yeah, I lost Cloud.
At Hampton Inn in NC
April was…interesting. My dad left for a work trip, my mom celebrated her birthday, we went to Build a Bear and I got Cali, we celebrated Easter(note from Cloud – “Don’t forget to mention that we watched Rogue One,”), my uncle came to visit, I got my hair dyed for the first time, and the we took another trip to NC for a funeral.
We went to Disney World for the debut of Happily Ever After.
May was wonderful. We started off the month watching LEGO Star Wars marathons on May 4th. Then, we went to Disney World for my parents anniversary. We saw the second to last showing of Wishes, and the debut of Happily Ever After. Once we got home, my grandparents came for Memorial Day and to celebrate my dad’s birthday.
Flowers outside a restaurant in Asheville NC.
In June, we were pretty relaxed. We took a daytrip to Asheville NC to meet one of my mom’s friends, and then I went to a girls camp with my church.
Fireworks from my Grandma’s house on July 4th
July was spent mainly at my grandparent’s house. We celebrated July Fourth, took our dogs, saw Despicable Me 3, shopped, and spent time with family.
Star Wars Fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
August was very stressful. We started off the trip with a pop-up, super quick(although fun,) trip to Disney World. We saw a couple of thing before they closed and had a ton of fun. We saw a total eclipse from our backyard, I started back school(which includes waking up at 5:30 for an early morning scripture class at my church,), and I finally got an iPhone.
Rain along the way to Disney World
September was CRAZY!  We started off the month celebrating labor day in Disney World, and almost got stranded there due to hurricane Irma. Yeah, we left the day before it hit, it took an extra five hours to get home. Once we got back, my dad’s cousins stayed with us since they were evacuating from Hurricane Irma.
The Happily Ever After firework show at Disney World.
In October, we went to Disney World for Halloween. We rode Flight of Passage, and ate a ton of food from Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. It was really fun.
Our Thanksgiving feast.
November was somewhat uneventful. We celebrated Thanksgiving, and that was pretty much it.
We went to Disney World in the beginning of December. It was so beautiful. We saw The Last Jedi, and then we celebrated Christmas.
Overall, 2017 was a blast. I wrote a ton, and I had a blast. Here’s to hoping 2018 is every bit as fun!
What was your favorite part of 2017?

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