How To Fix Your Build A Bear’s Eye (I Own a Recalled Bear)

Hello friends! So, I while the title suggests that this is a tutorial (and it is, in a way,) this is more of a story. I hope none of you will ever have to use this tutorial, but at the same time, this could prove to be helpful.
Back in 2011, I got the last Build a Bear I was going to get for a while. Bella was my thirteenth Build a Bear. She’s a Colorful Hearts Bear. Any long term Build a Bear fans might recognize this bear.
If you zoom in on the photo, Bella was recalled because her eye can pop out. Not the technical term for it, but it sums it up. I played with Bella, then set her aside for a while. When her eye finally did pop out, I got a new bear, Periwinkle, to “replace” Bella. I could never replace one of my bears, so I always wished I could somehow get someone to fix Bella. However, when I decided to do it myself, I always put it to the side, said I was too busy. This past October, I finally got around to fixing her!
This is how Bella looked before I attempted “Surgery” on her.
See, this is where her eye used to be. (I saved the eye, but you could probably buy one if not)
Here’s her eye.
These are the supplies I used:
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • The eye
  • A stretchy white fabric(I used a sock)
Ugh, what’s up with the quality of this picture?
So I basically cut a circle of fabric slightly larger than the eye. Cut a slit in the center.
I stuck the eye through the slit in the fabric.
I sewed around the eye to stitch the eye to the fabric. The eye had a piece of felt already attached to it, so it wasn’t to hard.
I sewed the eye to the circle and I didn’t tie off the thread yet.
I very carefully stitched the eye to the eye socket. I made sure to keep the eye fabric tucked in.
That’s how it looked once I sewed all the way around her eye.
I’m not sure why this image is flipped.
Ta-da! I fixed Bella’s eye! I’m so glad she’s fixed.
Have you ever had to fix a stuffed animal?

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