The BAB’s Trip Day 6

Hello friends! On this day, we went to this long, boring, tedious timeshare presentation. Yeah, we ended up buying a trial timeshare, but then we cancelled it. It was a long waste of precious vacation time. Wow, it's been like a year since I actually went on this trip. I REALLY need to quit procrastinating.… Continue reading The BAB’s Trip Day 6

Wicket Has His Own Blog!

Yep, you read that title right. Wicket now has his own blog. The link is I'm not sure how much Wicket will post on his blog, but he wanted a blog, so he gets his own blog. Don't worry, he'll still be featured on here. Wicket is a Ewok who has large opinions. He… Continue reading Wicket Has His Own Blog!

Wicket, the one and only Ewok! (Or at least the FAV!)

So, how do you speak Ewok? Hmm. Good question. But no worries, I speak English most of the time. I am not so sure what I should say for my first post on BABF here. Hmmm. Maybe, I'll think about it. Yep, that sounds good. I am the MAN though! Yes, I am!!!

How to Travel With Stuffed Animals

Hey friends! I'm going to share my secrets for traveling with Stuffed Animals. So, for me, it can be a bit weird. I'm not exactly young, but I still like stuffed animals. So I'm going to explain how I travel with stuffed animals. So, first you should analyze your trip. You should always know which… Continue reading How to Travel With Stuffed Animals

The Stones go to Disney World – January edition

Hey guys! Recently we went to Disney World and I took all of the Stones. I took a bunch of pictures, so I will share the pictures I took! Cali helped me figure out what to take. She loves packing. This bridge was pretty cool. We stayed at All Star Sports for a few days.… Continue reading The Stones go to Disney World – January edition

Board Game Adventure Part Three – feat. the Stones

Hey Friends! This is the final part, and it will be pretty long. Where we left off, Cali was trying to decide what house to get. Let's pick up with the last line of part two.   Soon, Cali landed on a buy house space. She picked two cards. "Hmmm," she thought. "I have to chose between… Continue reading Board Game Adventure Part Three – feat. the Stones

Mr. Paper Towel Roll

Hey! I bet the title seems a bit odd to most of you, but once you read this post, it will all make sense. A while ago, little Candy(then the baby of the Stone family,) wanted to get married. She looked and looked for the perfect husband, until she found, Mr. Paper Towel Roll. Funny,… Continue reading Mr. Paper Towel Roll

Board Game Adventure Part Two – feat. the Stones

The Stones are continuing their board games! This is the next part, there will be three parts. We left of with the four bears beginning their game of Life. So, let's get started! The Stone children set up the board game. Cali was first to pick her color car. "Hmmm, let me think," she began,… Continue reading Board Game Adventure Part Two – feat. the Stones

Board Game Adventure! – feat. the Stones

Hey friends! So, here I set out to make a quick post with a few photos that I thought would be entertaining for you guys. Well, a few games and 150 pictures later, here we are. Since there are SO MANY photos, I'm going to split this up into probably three parts. It was crazy… Continue reading Board Game Adventure! – feat. the Stones

Google Photos is a Lifesaver!

Hello all! If you're like me, then you take a bunch of pictures and never delete any. Following this pattern fills up your phone quickly. Actually, I've had my phone(or iPod, when my parents were lame and wouldn't let me have a phone) fill up with pictures three times, each of which were at Disney… Continue reading Google Photos is a Lifesaver!