Google Photos is a Lifesaver!

Hello all! If you’re like me, then you take a bunch of pictures and never delete any. Following this pattern fills up your phone quickly. Actually, I’ve had my phone(or iPod, when my parents were lame and wouldn’t let me have a phone) fill up with pictures three times, each of which were at Disney World. It can be a nightmare trying to quickly delete pictures while also wanting to take pictures. It’s awful.
A picture from when it snowed.
That was me until I found Google Photos. When I found that I actually felt free. I had 15.5gb out of 16gb full on my phone. I was constantly worried that my phone was going to freeze up during a firework show or something. I was freaking out.
I’m pretty sure I have the cutest dog ever.
When I downloaded Google Photos, I added my photos to the app. Now, I have 8.6gb out of 16gb full. I also have all of my pictures and videos available from my phone, computer, or anywhere else I log in to my account.
I love Google Photos!
How do you store your photos?

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