Board Game Adventure! – feat. the Stones

Hey friends! So, here I set out to make a quick post with a few photos that I thought would be entertaining for you guys. Well, a few games and 150 pictures later, here we are. Since there are SO MANY photos, I’m going to split this up into probably three parts. It was crazy fun to do though!
This is also what happens when four young bears get bored. Make sure to have lots of board games at your house for said little bears. If you don’t keep them entertained, they might destroy your house. Although, they might do that anyways.
There once was a young bear named Cali wandering throughout Diamond’s house. She came across a lovely puzzle, put together by Diamond herself, with almost no help from Diamond’s family.
“What a lovely puzzle,” Cali thought. It truly was a nice puzzle.
Cloud noticed that Cali was admiring the puzzle, and since he was bored, he decided to join her.
Cherry popped up. “I just had a fantabulous idea!” she exclaimed, appearing on top of the puzzle.
“What is it?” Candy somehow appeared as soon as Cherry had said that.
Instantly, Cherry somehow made a couple board games appear. “We should have a family game night!” she exclaimed.
“That’s a great idea!” Cloud agreed. It was settled. The four young bears were to play games.
The four little bears set up Boggle and decided to begin.
“Can I shake up the letters?” Cherry begged Diamond, who was hosting the game night. “Pretty please?”
“Oh, alright,” Diamond replied.
Cherry was pleased with that answer and began doing a dance of excitement. She twirled around Diamond’s table, nearly knocking off the game!
“That’s enough, Cherry,” Diamond scolded. Cherry was a handful sometimes.
The game was starting and Cherry, Cloud, Candy and Cali plastered intense looks of concentration onto their faces. They were each determined to win. There was no prize to whoever won these games, but there was always the feeling of winning and the fact that they could boast into their losing siblings faces. That made winning worth it.
When the timer ticked done, it was time to see what everyone had written down, each sibling dying to see if they had won.
Cloud, wrote three simple words: Rolo, got, and pat. He just wanted to write down words, but he had a hard time.
Cherry’s goal was to write as many words as possible. She wanted to win, so she wrote down every word she saw, and those words were, got, pat, rol(not a word), roar, tap, and rut.
Cali struggled with finding words that would work. So she wrote everything that could possibly count as a word, with most of them just counting as gibberish. Her list consisted of, tap, ouo, out, roa, iop, rua, loa, and rir.
Candy only got three words, but she was still confident she would win. She wanted to find unique words that no one else would think of.
When everyone tallied up there scores, Cloud was left with zero. He was so upset that he drew a frowny face on his list of words.
Despite Cherry’s efforts to write down many words, she only got one point.
With all of the words Cali wrote down that were not actual words taken away, she was left with one word.
Candy, who tried for unique words, won. Her strategy must have worked, because out of three words, she only had to cross out one. She was so proud of her score that she wrote, “In your face losers!” on her list of words. She was glad to gloat to her siblings.
Cloud was so upset that he got zero points. He threw himself on the table and landed on Cali’s lap. “Whyyyyyyy?” he moaned.
The siblings decided to stop playing Boggle after one round. It wasn’t fun to them any more. “Time for the next part!” Cali exclaimed, holding up the Life board game.
Cali got her picture with the Life game. The next game was about to begin.
Stay tuned for the next part, where these bears play Life!
Do you like to play board games?

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