Mr. Paper Towel Roll

Hey! I bet the title seems a bit odd to most of you, but once you read this post, it will all make sense.
A while ago, little Candy(then the baby of the Stone family,) wanted to get married. She looked and looked for the perfect husband, until she found, Mr. Paper Towel Roll. Funny, she didn’t tell us anything about him until my dad threw him away.
Candy was devastated. “Gummy Bear(my dad) killed my husband! He might have looked like an ordinary paper towel roll to you, but he was so much more! He was the best paper towel roll and Gummy Bear just threw him away!”
Well, the next time we found an empty paper towel roll, Candy immediately claimed him and whisked him up to my room. “This is Paper Towel Roll’s brother. I will marry him, since his brother died,”
Then, I found a paper towel roll in my room. “Can I throw this away?” I asked Candy. “Oh sure! He’d not as nice as his brother,” Candy replied.
And thus, Candy’s obsession with paper towel rolls was over.
Have you ever had a little bear act absolutely crazy?

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