Board Game Adventure Part Three – feat. the Stones

Hey Friends! This is the final part, and it will be pretty long. Where we left off, Cali was trying to decide what house to get. Let’s pick up with the last line of part two.
Soon, Cali landed on a buy house space. She picked two cards. “Hmmm,” she thought. “I have to chose between the house I want and the house I can afford…”
“I guess I’ll pick the house I can afford,” she sighed. “I’ll get a better house when we get to the sell your house and buy a new one space.
Cali landed on a Baby boy! space!
“I’m so proud I have this new addition,” Cali pretended, placing the peg in her car.
Cali went again. She had a choice to make. She could either buy an HD T.V., or get family physicals for $5,000. “Hmmm,” She was deep in thought.
“I’ll pick the T.V. over the physicals any day!” Cali decided.
Cherry had to pay taxes. She sighed. “Wouldn’t it be easier if we didn’t have to pay taxes?”
Candy landed on a Stock market crash space. “Joke’s on you!” Candy told the board. “I don’t have any stocks. I don’t even know what a stock is!”
Cali was trailing Cloud by a bit.
Cherry got to choose if she wanted to sell her house. “Nope!” she decided. “I have a pretty nice house, and I’m keeping it!’
“Would any of you like insurance or anything?” Diamond offered.
“Nope!” the children said in unison.
“Nothing bad will ever happen to us!” Cali added.
Candy made it to the Sell your house, and buy a new one space. “I’m selling this crappy house,” Candy quickly decided.
She spun to see what she could sell her house for.
“Dang, I’m only breaking even,” Candy sighed.
“How do you even know what breaking even means?” Diamond asked. Of course, Candy ignored her.
Candy looked at her new options. “I keep getting bad cards,” Candy sighed. “At least these are better than my last house.”
“I’ll pick the more expensive one,” Candy decided.
Cloud spun and went to a spin again if not in the lead space. “Heh heh,” he laughed, evilly. He wasn’t in the lead, so he spun again.
Then, he landed on Trade salary card with any player. He laughed. “Why would I do that? I’ve got the best salary ever,” he bragged.
Cherry won $95,000 from a game show. “I’m so smart,” she taunted.
Candy gloated. “I found buried treasure!”
Cloud sighed. “Why did I have to land on this space?” he groaned. “I have to pay Cali now.”
“Pay up!” Cali demanded. Once Cloud handed over the cash, Cali replied, “Thank you Cloud’s bank account!”
Cloud decided to buy a house. “I don’t want to be homeless forever!” he reasoned.
He had to choose between a Beach House and a Victorian style house.
“Hmmm, the other one is too expensive,” he declared. The Beach house was more his style anyway.
When Cali landed on that space, she was definitely going to sell her house. “This house should be condemned,” Cali declared about her current house.
She spun. “I’m losing money,” she complained.
“Oooooh, nice house!” Cali clapped. She was glad to find a house that was more her style.
Cali and Cloud landed on the same space.
“Fender bender!” Cali screamed.
Cherry landed on the trade salary space.
“Oh, I’m totally trading. Hand it over Cloud!” Cherry demanded.
Cloud pouted as he threw the card onto the board. “I’m definitely going to lose now,” he pouted.
The next turn, Candy landed on a trade salary space. “Hand it over Cherry,” she said without question. Cherry pouted.
“But I didn’t even get a pay day,” she whined.
Cali landed on a Have a Family Game Night space.”How cute,” she noted.
Cloud got $100,000. “Maybe I’ll win after all,” he grinned.
Cali went to a burglar space, while Cloud won a Nobel Prize.
“Maybe I should have bought the insurance,” Cali admitted.
Cherry was way ahead of the others.
Cloud complained when he had to pay taxes. “Ugh,”
Cali was getting ahead of Cloud.
Cherry was ready to retire. “Already?” she asked. “I guess I get an early retirement.”
“I’m living at Millionaire Estates,” she gloated.
She sold her house.
Soon, Candy was retired a Millionaire Estates as well.
She sold her house, but didn’t even break even.
Cloud and Cali were a bit behind.
“I’m helping the homeless!” Cloud bragged.
Cali landed on Spin again if not in the lead. space.
And, she landed on another one.
Then, she landed on a space where she didn’t have to do anything since she was a computer consultant.
As Cali retired, Cloud landed on the same space Cali had on her previous turn. “Pay up,” Cali said, sternly.
Soon enough, everyone was retired at Millionaire Estates.
It was time to sell off the houses. Cali sold hers. “Sweet! I’m making a bunch of money!” she gladly screamed.
Cloud was glad that he also was making a lot of money on his house.
When the Life tiles were turned over, Cali was glad to acknowledge all of her accomplishments. “I wrote a book, discovered a new planet, won a dance contest, and became president!” she screamed with excitement.
The scores were added up and just needed to be tallied.
In the end, Candy had the most money. She was so happy to have won both games.
She was so happy, that she jumped on top of the board.
Diamond helpfully threw lots of money on the board with Candy. “Make it rain!” Candy exclaimed, as she began to make money angels.
The game was over and it was time to clean up. The bears disappeared. “Guys?” Diamond questioned. “Don’t you want to help clean up?”
With no sign of the bears, Diamond sighed and put away the board game. They had had a pretty good day.
What did you think of this mini-series?
Do you ever have someone disappear from a fun activity once it’s time to clean up?

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