The Stones go to Disney World – January edition

Hey guys! Recently we went to Disney World and I took all of the Stones. I took a bunch of pictures, so I will share the pictures I took!
Cali helped me figure out what to take. She loves packing.
This bridge was pretty cool.
We stayed at All Star Sports for a few days.
The Stones were super happy to be out of the car.
My mom brought Wicket and Willow. They were also happy to be out of the car.
We decided to check out the arcade. We’ve never done that before, and we actually bought a card to play skee-ball.
The card was super cute! It was totally worth a dollar!
Cherry really liked the card too.
“Can I play?”
“Woohoo! Look at my score!”
That night, we went to the Character Warehouse. I always love getting great deals!
The next morning, we went to Animal Kingdom. It seemed exceptionally busy. The first thing we did was watch It’s Tough to be a Bug.
Cloud wanted his picture by Everest.
Cherie got her picture taken by an animal trail.
I thought this shirt was neat.
This is on the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.
Flight of Passage has long wait times, but I think our plan made it seem way to long. We did not have to wait 4926 minutes. That would be insane.
Cherie the tiger tamer!
Here, we were on the safari ride.
I’m not positive what was going on with this picture, but it looked cool.
Cherie saw lots of cool animals.
My mom was acting goofy with Cherie and we had a few people staring at us.
“Ooh look at the animals!”
Cloud likes the trees.
After the safari, we decided to walk around the tree of life trail.
The adventures of Cherie!
“Ahhhhhhh! I’m being eaten by a shark!”
I actually just recently noticed that the edges of this tree has animals in it. The detail is so awesome!
Almost to Flight of Passage! I’m glad we had Fastpasses, because we only waited ten minutes.
This actually kind of looks like a tree person. Groot anyone?
Almost there!
We left after Flight of Passage and then hung out at the resort.
The next morning, we stuck around the resort because we were checking out that day.
My dad decided to make shadow puppets with Cloud.
We checked out of All Star Sports and drove over to Yacht Club. We were surprised that the room was already ready.
I love Yacht Club. The room was so nice.
We wanted to paint ceramics.
Cali chose an Elsa jewelry box. (I’m the one that painted it;)
“Ta-da! Look at my lovely work!”
Um, Cali you didn’t actually paint that.
“Sure, I helped!”
We had a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest that night.
We tried the gray stuff. It was delicious. If you don’t believe me ask the dishes.
Magic Kingdom was actually closed when we got out. It felt kind of cool, but also odd.
Look at how empty Main Street is! I’m pretty sure we saw the Kiss Goodnight.
The Stones enjoy Yacht Club.
The next morning, we went to Magic Kingdom early. The first thing we did was the Main Street Vehicles which I totally recommend. It was really cool!
That was the vehicle we rode in.
The castle looks so pretty with a cloudy background.
Then, we went to the Swiss Family Tree
It was kind of cool, but there was a lot of steps and I don’t particularly care to do it again.
Apparently I didn’t take any pictures on Jungle Cruise or Tom Sawyer Island, but the Island was a bit odd.
Then, my dad ran(no, literally) to Great Moments in History with the Muppets. We made it just in time, and what do you know? It was cancelled. So, we went straight into the Hall of Presidents.
Then, we luckily caught the next Muppet performance.
We met Mickey Mouse, which was super cool. He actually spoke. There were some people in front of us from Brazil, and Mickey Mouse spoke Portuguese to them. It was really cool. Then, we went back to the resort. We went grocery shopping(Publix actually has a lot of souvenirs,) and then to Epcot. We rode Soarin’ and looked at the art from Festival of the Arts. I saw a couple of screen printed shirts which were really cool!
I’m going to end this part here(I have over 100 pictures in this post, soooo,) and I’ll pick this up later.
Have you ever been to Disney World?

3 thoughts on “The Stones go to Disney World – January edition”

  1. Ooh, looks like you guys had a fun trip! I LOVED all these pictures! I've been to Disney World once, though I was really young at the time so I don't remember going. XD


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