How to Travel With Stuffed Animals

Hey friends! I’m going to share my secrets for traveling with Stuffed Animals. So, for me, it can be a bit weird. I’m not exactly young, but I still like stuffed animals. So I’m going to explain how I travel with stuffed animals.
So, first you should analyze your trip. You should always know which is the right trip to bring a ton of stuffed animals, or just a small one. On a trip that is relaxed, that’s perfect to bring stuffed animals. You can spend a bunch of time blogging with your stuffed animals. On a trip that is super busy, it might be best to leave most of the stuffed animals at home. Or, if you’re traveling with someone who you don’t want to know you still like stuffed animals, then maybe just leave the animals at home.I will probably elaborate more on this topic later, but I always am annoyed by people who judge that someone is too old for stuffed animals. For me, it’s not like I play with them, I write and take pictures of them. Someday, I’d like to make money off my stuffed animals and prove those people wrong! Even if someone does “play” with their stuffed animals and they are older than ten or so, that’s OK! As long as they don’t actually think that the animals are alive, then they’re good. Besides, everyone has a kid at heart, right?

Once you’ve decided the amount of stuffed animals to take, then you should figure out who to take. You can take your favorites, ones who haven’t been, or your newest one. This can be a lot of fun to decide. For my Disney trip in January, I took(taking, I’m writing this in advance,) the whole Stone family.
The next step in taking your animals to travel is packing them. You can put them in your suitcase, carry them, or my personal favorite, carrying them in a backpack. The reason why I recommend not carrying them, is because you might drop them or get tired of carrying them. I prefer the backpack to the suitcase, because I keep my backpack in the car with me. I can easily access my bears if I want, but I can also keep them put away if I want to work on something else.
I also like to take a few accessories. While the above photo is a bit much, generally an outfit or two will do.
Now, I’m going to talk about what to do while your on vacation. The Stone children are great to take on vacation because they are small enough to easily transport. I put them in a backpack, along with my other things, and I can take them with me everywhere. I like to take pictures of them at random points of the trip.
Another thing you can do is leave them at the hotel (or relative’s house, you can take your animal’s anywhere with you!) and only do stuff with them whenever you have a free moment. However, you should never feel bad for not doing stuff with your animals while on vacation.
Sometimes, when I take stuffed animals on vacation but don’t do anything with them, I almost regret taking them. However, this is nothing to feel bad about. They’re just stuffed animals, it’s not like they’re going to be mad at you.
On whatever trip you decide to bring your stuffed animals along on, you should just have fun. You should never have to worry about your stuffed animals.
If you take stuffed animals on trips, what was your best experience? If not, would you like to take stuffed animals with you?

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