The BAB’s Trip Day 6

Hello friends! On this day, we went to this long, boring, tedious timeshare presentation. Yeah, we ended up buying a trial timeshare, but then we cancelled it. It was a long waste of precious vacation time.
Wow, it’s been like a year since I actually went on this trip. I REALLY need to quit procrastinating. How many Disney trips have I been on since this one?
On the way into the presentation, they had a statue of the Minions.
Cloud of course had to have his picture with them.
So, after the long timeshare ordeal, we went to Animal Kingdom. I left my camera in the car, and I was freaking out!
(This was before I got my phone, so I didn’t have any other way to take pictures.)
 My dad gratefully went back to the car to get it for me. Thanks dad!
We ate at Yak and Yeti, one of the few Disney World restaurants we’ve eaten at multiple times.
The festival of the Lion King is AMAZING.
Cloud especially liked the safari ride.
Hello Giraffe!
Cloud loves Animal Kingdom at night, and so do I.
Rivers of Light was great. It’s not my favorite nightly show, but I like it better than Illuminations.
Have you ever been to a timeshare presentation?

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