Reasons why Treasure is Awesome (Treasuriffic Tuesday ~ March 2018)

Hello, citizens. I will now bless you with my glorious, orange presence. I am pure, orange awesomeness. I hope you all enjoy me because I would hate for you to take the wonderful me for granted.
Did you know that stuffed orange cats are the best thing ever? Did you know that if your name is Treasure, that makes you ten times more awesome? That makes mE the most awesome creature to roam the planet!
Now, all I ask in order for you to read my wonderful post is that you tell me how awesome I am. Let me list a few reasons why I am awesome.
I’m a Palace Pet.
I am orange.
I’m a cat.
I am so humble.
Even though I outrank everyone, I still make time for my best friends.
I have an evil twin named Pleasure. She might do things bad, but I am a perfect angel.
I really think that this week should be titled Treasure Takeover Week. Actually, I think I should just have my own blog. I’m so awesome. Everyone loves me so much.
Ahahaha! Ahahahaha! Ahahahah!
Eye see you!
Well, I have much more awesome things to do than talk about myself all day. I must leave you with the awesomeness of me. I know how sad you must be. However, I suggest you stare over the pictures of me until next month.

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