Wicket’s the Man (Wicket Wednesday ~ March 2018)

Wicket Wednesday is today!
 Even though I have a lot to say,
Today’s my day
To share what I have to say
I hope that’s okay.
So everyone, I am Wicket.
I LOVE being silly,and I LOVE people.
I love sharing with others, sometimes I overshare
or so I have been told.
I do not know yet how to approach my blogging.
I mean I think I might need to let us get to know each other
a bit first.  Yeah, that sounds good, right?
So just so you know I am not as prideful
as this blog might at times make me sound.
I am the man is a fun thing
as you get to know me you will understand me better.
I do FOR SURE like to have FUN.
Why Wicket is the man.
I wear the pants in the house.
Hello. Wicket apparently didn’t finish and publish this, so I’m going to do it for him. I’m Pumpkin by the way. Hmm, this post seems a bit short, so I’m going to add a bit.
Wicket is…interesting.
HE gets his own blog.
HE gets to do anything he wants.
HE has been to Disney World so many times.
Why does he get so much?
Wicket is Amethyst’s BAB, and he gets everything. I think Amethyst cares more about Wicket than anything. Since 2015, Wicket has gotten to talk, talk, talk.
I guess you could say I’m a bit jealous of Wicket.
Wicket and Willow got married in October. That’s just another example of how Wicket gets whatever he wants.

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