Imagination Adventures with Summer and Dreamy (Friendship Friday ~ March 2018)

Hey guys! Today’s Friday, and Friday is our favorite day of the week! Not just because of the fact that we get to write out own post for BAB Takeover Week, but also because Friday marks the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend! But the fact that we get our own post is pretty cool too!


Dreamy: Hi guys! It’s us, Summer and Dreamy. We’re here for Friendship Friday!


Dreamy: We’re here to show you guys what Friendship Friday is like. We go on imagination adventures together as we call them.


Summer: We do lots of fun things together and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you!



Dreamy: We *were* going to roller skate, but we somehow lost a skate. We were going to take turns, but three skate,


And eight paws just don’t add up.


Summer: The skates are still super cool though!


Summer: So since we aren’t going to be roller skating, we decided to go on an imagination adventure! Where will we be going today?


Dreamy: Let’s start by going surfing!


Dreamy: I’m going to go first.


Summer: My turn! Surfing is so much fun, even if we aren’t actually on the water.


Summer: Here’s my next idea! Look at these cool sunglasses! I can wear them and we can pretend I’m famous!


Dreamy: Purr-fect! I’ll be the paparazzi trying to interview you!
Dreamy: Miss Summer! I must get your autograph!
Summer: I’m much too busy to sign autographs!


Summer: Look! I found this PawPad we got for Christmas one year. We should play with it!
Dreamy: Yes, that would be purr-fect.
Dreamy: This is pretty cool.


Summer: I really like the buttons and sounds it makes.


Summer: It’s about time for us to start wrapping this post up. *sighs*
Dreamy: We have time for one more imagination adventure right?
Summer: Okay.
Dreamy: I’m a cowgirl!
Summer: I’ll be the horse then!
Dreamy: No, you can be a cowgirl too! We can get the actual horses to be the horses!
*Summer and Dreamy both giggle*


Summer: I had a lot of fun, didn’t you Dreamy?
Dreamy: I certainly did! I wanted to give you this thing I found because you really are my best friend forever.


Summer: Aww, thanks! I love it. We definitely are best friends forever.
We hope you enjoyed our post! Stay tuned for more of our imagination adventures!
summer & dreamy


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