The List – A Late Intro of the BABs

This post is *very* long overdue. When I started this blog, I wanted to make a post and a page where I introduced all of my BABs. Well over a year later, here we are! I have yet to introduce all of my BABs. I have…a lot. Well, let’s get started!
I could write a bit about their personalities, but since there are so many, I’m just going to write their names.


1. Brownie


2. Cinnamon


3. Holly


4. Hal


5. Snuggly


6. Starburst


7. Velvety


8. Lil Choc


9. Patrioticy


10. Daisy


11. Goldie
12. Swirl


13. Bella


14. Cokie


15. Rainbow Dash


16. Twilight


17. Spike


18. Peri


19. Fluttershy


20. Golden


21. Pinkie


22. Pumpkin


23. Rarity


24. Treasure


25. Apple Jack


26. Summer


27. Rudolph


28. Clarice


29. Eden


30. Teacup


31. Chip


32. Sandy


33. Cherie


34. Cherry


35. Cadance


36. Gracie
(I lost her, so I used an old photo)
37. Apple Blossom
38. Emma


39. Candy


40. Berry


41. Dreamy


42. Jingles


43. Wicket


44. Rudy


45. Claire


46. Cloud
(Again, I used an old photo)
47. Petal


48. Stitch
49. Shining Armor


50. Angel


51. Cali


52. Willow


53. Isabel


54. Baymax


These are just two Build a Bears that we have. They probably won’t be seen much on the blog.


Then, I decided to take a few group photos. I was surprised they were able to turn out.



Aren’t they cute? I’m proud of this picture because I was able to fit them all. I have a ton of BABs. *hides*
What did you think of these photos? How many BABs (or stuffed animals) do you have?

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