Meet the Stones (Saturdays with the Stones ~ March 2018)

Hey guys! Welcome to the first BAB Takeover Week. Today is Saturdays with the Stones, which means we, the Stones, can make whatever we want! We decided to do an introductory photoshoot(even though we’ve already had lots of posts featuring us), explainations about us, and our thoughts on each other, We’re also going to show you guys our own area in the BAB area! Pumpkin was nice enough to take our pictures, since she likes photography. We can’t wait for you to learn all about us!


Hi! It’s Cali! Mommy said that I could show all of you our part of the BAB area! We’re so lucky to get our own space.


So we get this place on top of purple thing all to ourselves.


As you can see, most of the animals have to live between purple thing and Diamond’s nightstand.


The rest hang out in the hammock.


Directly on top of purple thing, we have our bed from BABF that Amythest bought when the quads were born. It can suprisingly fit us all.


Then, we put a basket filled with all of our clothes on top of the bed. We don’t have to do that, but we like to save space and we like some extra cushioning. We put a blanket on top to disguise the clothes.


Then, Mommy and Daddy get to sit down first because they are the oldest and biggest.


After Mommy and Daddy are situated, then us kids pile up on the rest of the bed,


Sometimes, when Diamond doesn’t have anything out, she’ll let us have our own beds. We each have one of these little comfy beds, but they are stacked up most of the time to save space.
Now it’s time for the photoshoot, so I’m going to join my family so we can type this up together.


Daddy: This is our whole family, me(Lil Choc), my wife(Periwinkle, or more commonly called Mommy), Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Candy, Cloud, Cali.


Mommy: These are the boys of the family, Lil Choc, Chip, and Cloud.


Cloud: Now we have all the girls. I photobombed this photo I guess. Anyway, the girls of the family are Mommy, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Candy, and Cali.


Cali: We love each other so much. I once heard us referred to as a close-knit family and I definitely agree!



Candy: This is Mommy. Right now we’re going to share family thoughts about each other, so I’ll start.
I love how Mommy is always so calm. I’m not sure how she can remain so calm when my siblings(not including me of course) disobey her.
Daddy: Periwinkle could do anything. She manages to take care of the kids and keep the house clean(mostly)
Chip: I love how Mommy acts interested in things I like-even though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like fishing as much as she says she does.
Cherry: Mommy is pretty fun. She does a lot of boring things during the day, so I think she likes it whenever I ask to play with her because she’ll get an excuse to play.
Cloud: Mommy always takes care of me.
Sandy: I think that Mommy and I have a lot of the same interests. She’s always waiting to help me with my next project.
Cali: Mommy always loves me.
Cherie: Mommy might not talk a lot, but she’s always there to listen and give advice.


Cherry: Mommy and Cali look a lot alike.


Chip: Mommy and Daddy got married on July 31st, 2014. They’ve known each other for longer than we’ve been alive. Even though I think it’s gross, you can tell they love each other.


Mommy: Daddy is very sweet. He works a lot to provide for the family, but he’s never too tired to hear about Cherry’s antics, or take the boys on a fishing trip.
Cherry: Like Mommy said, he works a lot, but he’s never too tired to hear about my day.
Chip: I’d love to be a lawyer just like Daddy. He’s really good at his job, and I have to say I would love to get a lawyer’s salary when I grow up and have my own family.
Cali: I love Daddy. He’s nice.
Sandy: Daddy’s pretty great. He works very hard so that we can live a privileged life.
Cloud: I love it whenever Daddy takes me on fishing trips. It’s really nice to be able to spend time as just us boys.
Cherie: Like the rest of my family has said so far, Daddy works really hard to provide for us. That being said, he still makes time for each of us.
Candy: He makes money so he can buy me presents. Oh yeah, and he loves me.


Cherie: Chip and Daddy have a great relationship. They both love to go on fishing trips together.


Chip: While fishing trips with Daddy and I are very fun, it’s most fun when Cloud comes along and brings the fun. I like it when it’s just the boys.


Sandy: I haven’t always gotten along with Chip, but I have to admit he is pretty cool and very fun to play pirates with.
Daddy: I love taking Chip fishing. He likes the outdoors, just like me.
Cali: My older brother is very protective over me.
Cloud: It’s nice to have another guy around to help thing be less girly.
Cherry: Chip’s awesome! Whenever we play games, he’s good at coming up with exciting twists.
Mommy: As the eldest child, he does at good job at making sure the rest of his siblings are taken care of. He makes a great oldest son and older brother.
Cherie: He’s almost like a mini Daddy. He’ll protect us. I guess it’s fitting since he was named Chip because he’s a Chip off the old block(or a Chip of the old Choc in our case)
Candy: I love my brother. He always likes to be outside in nature.


Candy: Chip and Sandy are the oldest two Stone kids.


Mommy: Though you might not always be able to tell, Chip and Sandy were rivals when they were first born. Luckily, they’ve managed to get along.(most of the time)



Daddy: Sandy is very mature and creative. She’s always working on a new craft.
Cali: I love my biggest sister. She is like a mini-Mommy.
Chip: Like my family has mentioned previously, we haven’t always gotten along. However, I will say that Sandy isn’t annoying like some bears. *cough cough Cherry cough*
Mommy: Sandy is always so helpful and sweet. I can always count on her to do the mature thing.
Cherry: I love my older sister. She’s always ready to listen to me and help me with my problems.
Candy: Sandy likes to be creative. If I ever want a new toy or something for my room, I just ask Sandy to make it for me.
Cloud: Sandy always takes care of me if Mommy can’t.
Cherie: Sandy is a lot like me. We’re both introverts, which can be tiring in a crazy household like ours.


Sandy: Like she just said, Cherie and I are a lot alike. She always listens to me complaining about our loud siblings and we always try to stick together in our crazy family.
Cali: Cherie is reserved, the complete opposite of her twin.
Chip: I love my fellow quads. Cherie is the balance to Cherry. Cherie is not at all annoying.
Cloud: Cherie is a great big sister who is always ready to play with me.
Candy: Cherie is one of the most awesome sisters. She lets me talk about myself all of the time.
Mommy: Cherie is usually pretty obedient to me. I love how she cares about each of her siblings and family members individual.
Cherry: Cherie is the best twin I’ve ever had! She isn’t as fun(some might say crazy) as I am, but she still goes along with all of my fun ideas! My favorite partner in crime.
Daddy: Cherie is very sensitive. She is concerned with everyone’s feelings and wants to make sure everyone is happy.


Cloud: Cherry is definitely the most fun sibling out of all of us.
Cherie: As my twin, I might be a bit bias, but she is my favorite person on the entire planet.
Cali: Cherry is a lot like me. We always like to do fun(sometimes crazy) things together.
Mommy: Cherry is definitely the child I have to devote most of my time to. She is…exciting.
Daddy: Cherry always comes up with crazy ideas. She makes sure that everyone has fun.
Chip: Cherry is always so happy and imaginative. She can brighten anyone’s day.
Sandy: Cherry is really funny! I love watching her play outside telling people that bubbles are evil and tutus are like magic, fluffy clouds.
Candy: Cherry and I get into a lot of trouble together. We do one of her ideas, and sometimes we get caught by Mommy. Cherry is really good at pranking people, so I always keep her in mind if I need to exact my revenge on someone.


Candy: The twins are super close. They’re always whispering to each other about some nonsense.


Mommy: The quads get along rather well since they share everything, even their birthdays.


Cloud: Cali likes to photobomb sometimes.


Cloud: Candy is definitely my favorite sibling. (Cherry: HEY!) *all kids except Candy glare at Cloud* I mean, I love all of my siblings, but Candy’s always looked out for me.
Mommy: Candy might not always act how I’ve taught her to, but she is a great big sister to her younger siblings.
Cherry: I was so glad whenever Candy was born. It’s fun to have a little sister that you can teach all of your tricks.
Daddy: Candy definitely enjoys getting new toys and clothes. She’s pretty materialistic.
Cali: I always love it when I see Candy doing something bad and she tells me to never do anything like it. She’s quite the example.
Chip: Candy can be very immature sometimes. I’m not trying to say she’s bad or anything, but we were instructed to share our thoughts on our family members. No one said they had to be good thoughts.
Sandy: It’s fun to have a sister like Candy! Even though I already had two sisters, I kind of felt left out because the twins were inseperable. Now, Candy and I are pretty close. Our names even rhyme!
Cherie: Candy is impatient, but that’s not such a bad thing! She never holds a grudge. She might get really really upset at us, but she’s over it within five minutes.


Cali: Cloud is the best big brother ever.
Candy: I remember wanting another sibling and Cloud is the perfect one.
Mommy: Cloud is very fun. He trys to be nice to everyone and talk about things that interest that person.
Chip: I’m so glad Cloud came along. Before Cloud, it was me and a bunch of girls. I love my sisters, but sometimes I just need a little time where it’s just me and Cloud.
Cherry: Cloud is also a fun partner in crime. I can always count on him not to tell anyone about my secret plans.
Daddy: Cloud is a great son. He’s a lot like me when I was his age. I’m proud of him.
Sandy: Cloud is an interisting character.
Cherie: I like how Cloud can put our needs before his own. Whenever we are trying to decide what game to play, he will sometimes vote on my idea, just because he knows how much it means to me.



Daddy: Cali is the baby of the family, but she’s also one of the smartest.
Sandy: Like Daddy said, just because she’s the youngest, doesn’t mean she’s the most immature. I can always count on her to be the second most mature in the family. After me of course, *smirks*
Cloud: Cali is a peacemaker. She hates to see anyone fight and she just wants to spread love.
Mommy: She looks just like me and she acts like me too. I see so much of myself in her.
Cherry: While Cali is mature for her age, she’s also not afraid to get in a little trouble and have some fun.
Candy: I’m glad I have a little sister. Cali cares about clothes like I do, but somedays she just wants to be comfortable enough to run and play. We enjoy scheming together.
Chip: Cali has the sweetest smile. Her happiness is contagious and she just wants to share it with everyone.
Cherie: Cali is a good addition to our family. She gets along well with everyone, and she still manages to find her own unique interests.


Daddy: All of the kids get along and play together well.



Cherry: Candy and Clous have a special relationship. They are close in age, so they look out for each other. Candy even guessed Cloud would come before Mommy knew!


Chip: Cali gets along with everyone quite well, however she is often found scheming with the other two young siblings.


Cloud: The girls must get along well doing girl stuff while me, Daddy and Chip go camping.


Sandy: Whenever Daddy goes camping or fishing on his own, Mommy does a great job taking care of us.


Cali: If Mommy and Daddy are both gone, then Aunt Cokie takes care of us.


Daddy: Cokie is my sister, and she does a great job at being the kid’s aunt.


Mommy: I get along well with Cokie. She’s like a sister to me, we go out for lunch almost every week. I can always count on her if the kids need a babysitter.


Cherry: Sandy and Aunt Cokie have an especially close relationship. Maybe it’s because they look so much alike, but Sandy could go to her Aunt Cokie about anything.


Cherie: We all get along well with Aunt Cokie.


Candy:Aunt Cokie is a huge part of our family.
Cloud: Another bear who has recently become a bigger part of our family is Aunt Bella. A little while ago she had eye surgery and she now feels much better. She helps us out a lot now.


Mommy: Candy gets along well with my sister Bella. I think it might be because they look alike.


Cherie: Mommy and Aunt Bella get along great. I hope I’ll be like that with my sisters someday.


Daddy: Bella and Periwinkle are posing with their “twins.”
Cherry: I think our genes must be pretty strong. You can definitely tell we are all a part of the same family.
Alright, I’m handing this off to Mommy now.
Mommy: That was all about our family! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.
Cali: *taps Mommy on the shoulder*
Mommy: What is it sweetie?
Cali: Are you going to tell them about the next takeover week?
Mommy: Oh yes! I almost forgot! Sandy had a great idea for next month. We can do a Q&A! Will you explain, Sandy?
Sandy: Of course! So you can basically ask us anything in the comments and we will answer your questions. You can literally ask anything you want, but we can choose to not answer certain questions.
Like, you could ask where we live and we would proudly answer 304 Build a Bears Furever Road.
You could also ask us a totally random question like “What would you save from your house if it was on fire?” and we’d answer that too!
You have until next month to ask the questions, but even if we don’t get any questions, we’ll still have a Q&A. We’ll just ask some of the rest of our family to ask us questions.
Cali: That’s Saturdays with the Stones for you! I hope you enjoyed it!
With love,
Mommy, Daddy, Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Candy, Cloud, and little Cali



3 thoughts on “Meet the Stones (Saturdays with the Stones ~ March 2018)

  1. Aww, the pictures were all so cute! I really enjoyed getting to know you guys better; you all seem like a very interesting family! As for a Q&A, here are my questions:

    1. Which member of the family do you hang out with the most?
    2. Describe yourself in three words.
    3. What is most likely to make you angry?
    4. When do you usually wake up in the morning?
    5. Name one random fact about yourself.
    6. What's your most prized possession?
    7. How old are you? (or if Diamond doesn't give you official ages, you can take this question out :D)
    8. In honor of April Fool's Day, are you more likely to be the prankster or the one pranked?
    9. What's your favorite family tradition?
    10. What are your hobbies?

    Sorry, that was a lot of questions. XD Enjoy!


  2. Thanks! We enjoyed sharing our life! Hehe, we are an interesting family. Those are great questions! We can’t wait to answer them! Don’t worry, it’s the perfect amount! Thanks for commenting!


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