Berry Introduces Herself (Baking with Berry ~ March 2018)


Welcome to the first Baking with Berry! I’m not actually going to be baking anything today, but I am going to be talking about baking and a bit about myself.
As my name suggests, I love berries. I love all baking, but I especially love pies.

Even though I love all berries, my favorite would definitely be blueberries.

My absolute favorite dessert is blueberry pie, a combination of three of my favorite things, the color blue, berries, and pies.
If I ever call you blueberry, that’s my highest praise. I call some people blueberry or BB for short.
Sometimes I put my ears in a ponytail or a knot. It can be annoying to have my ears flopping around while I bake.
I really do love to bake all things.
My absolute favorite part about baking is eating my final product.
I can’t wait to share parts of my baking with you all!
May you always be a blueberry,


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