Four Leaf Clover – St Patrick’s Day Photoshoot of Emma

I took some photo’s of Emma for St. Patrick’s Day! Are you wearing green? *virtually pinches you*
Ready for the photos?


For this photoshoot, we have Emma hanging out in the hammock.


Emma has always loved St. Patrick’s day.


I have to say I really enjoyed wearing green on St. Patrick’s day when I was younger.


One year, we made green rice!


Green is Emma’s favorite color.


Emma is very superstitious.


She always enjoys finding any clovers, but she especially enjoys four leaved ones.


Emma’s just relaxing in the hammock.


Awe! Emma looks so cute here! This photoshoot literally went like this.
  1. Position Emma in cute pose.
  2. Squeal over how cute she is.
  3. Hug Emma.
  4. Realize my photography can never do her justice.
She’s just so cute! *squeals again*
I love Emma’s sweet face!


I got her outfit on sale on a trip to Disney World.


Emma’s birthday is on July 1st, the only BAB birthday in July.


It’s kind of funny how the brand is called “Build a BEAR”, and I originally didn’t have any bears!


Emma is soooo soft! *dies*
Emma’s full name is Emerald Jewel, but you can just call her Emma.


 I love the shade of green that BAB chose to use for Emma.


Emma really liked helping me with this photoshoot! She wants to know if you liked it and if you had a good St. Patrick’s Day!
Do you usually wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?


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