The BAB’s Trip Day 7

Hello friends! This is the seventh (and final) day of the BAB’s Trip. From all the way back in May!
Let’s begin!


Cloud was glad he got to go with me.



It was the debut day for Happily Ever After. I prefer it to Wishes.


In Disney World, even Wet Paint signs are cool.



I’m so proud of this picture.


The Muppets!


What a wonderful scene! I wonder what attraction Tangled gets! Oh, a bathroom? Ok then.


This is where we ate for dinner. Personally, I wasn’t a fan, however the view was nice and we watched the fireworks from there.


I love this statue!


The view from California Grill.


Happily Ever After! At first, they didn’t have the music piped in, and then when we saw the show in October, and got to see the projections, it was ten times better.


We went back to the park to ride the Buzz Lightyear game. Probably wasn’t the best idea.


The monorail has a wait time board now. Great.



On the ride home, Wicket wanted to pout because we were leaving the next morning. Real mature Wicket, real mature.




Have you ever visited a Disney Park?

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