My BAB/Blogging Area!

Hey guys! I recently began re-doing my room, and with that means I devoted a corner strictly for my blogging area! Since my BABs are what I blog about, I wanted to also make a place for them where they could “live”
I thought it would be really difficult to find a good area in my small room to store all of the BABs, but they can actually be stacked up rather easy. I’m pretty happy with the area.
This is an overview. The purple set of drawers holds all of the BABs clothes and accessories. The drawers are so roomy that I even put a few little BABs in the bottom drawer! Then, I stacked most of the BABs to the side of purple thing.* They fit nicely between the purple thing and my nightstand.
*Purple thing is the official name.


Above the purple thing, there is a makeshift hammock. I really don’t know what the original purpose of this is, but my mom always told me to use it to store my stuffed animals.


However, while I think it’s okay to store stuffed animals in the hammock sometimes, I will not be storing them long term in it because just as I was about to take a photo,


This happened. I was trying to show how I can use the purple thing as a desk as well(I don’t have a desk in my room) However, the hammock decided to fly across the room. *sighs*
Anyways, this area is perfect to use purple thing as a desk. I can set my laptop atop it and blog away.


The hammock will be used for the BAB’s recreational activities, instead of long-term storage.


Cherry: They’ll never find me in here! Heehee, it’s pretty cozy in here.
I’m really pleased with how this area turned out. What do you think?


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