Rawr – a Photoshoot of Cloud

I took some photos of Cloud the other day and I think they look really cute. I titled this photoshoot “Rawr”, because his sweatshirt says “Rawr”


Cloud seems to be hiding in quite a few of these photos.
I love how this kind up focused on the leaf instead of Cloud.


Cloud’s favorite color is blue.


The leaf is covering up his eye. *laughs*


Cloud is very adventurous. He really liked climbing this tree.


Cloud loves nature.


“I’m on top of the world! Or, at least on top of the tree…”



“Heehee, no one will find me here,”


“I’m going to stay in this tree until Mommy stops bugging me to do my chores.”


“I love getting into mischief. Just don’t tell Mommy…”


“Trees are so treelike. Feel free to quote me on that.”



“Hi random blog viewer! Will you help me build a tree house?”


I love this picture.


“You can’t find me anywhere!”
I had a lot of fun taking these photos. I think they turned out pretty good.
What did you think of this photoshoot?


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