Easter Pranks – An April Fools/Easter Photostory Mashup

Happy Easter and April Fools Day! If you don’t celebrate Easter, then just happy April Fools Day!
Cali wanted to write her version of the day, so here we go! And BAB Takeover week will start tomorrow, since today is a holiday.
Take it away miss Cali!
We plotted together. We had the perfect plan, and it had to be perfect.


“Alright, are we ready?” I whispered.


“Yeah, I think so. Go ahead Cherry,” Cloud replied.


“OK,” Cherry whispered. Then she added in a louder voice, “Goldie! Time for a walk!”


Goldie came racing in. “Walk?” she asked, panting.


“Walk?” I asked. “It’s not time for a walk!”


“What?” Goldie asked.
“April fools!” we all shouted in unison.
“This was an April Fools prank?” Goldie asked in confusion.
“Yep!” Cloud replied.
“That wasn’t very funny. Actually, it was kind of dumb,” Goldie shrugged as she left.


“Excuse me?” Treasure appeared almost out of thin air. “Did someone just play a bad prank?”
“Well, Goldie didn’t seem to think so,” I sighed.


“I will teach you all of my tricks. I normally wouldn’t tell anyone my secrets, but you guys really need some help,” Treasure offered.


“I’m a great pranker. One year I colored all of our food orange. And then one year, I drew with marker all over Pumpkin’s face. It was priceless,” Treasure bragged.


“So there are two types of pranking. You can either play a funny prank, or a mean one. We’ll start with a funny one. Watch and learn.”


“Daisy! Come here for a second!” Treasure called.


Daisy made her way to Treasure. “What is it?” she sighed.


“I have something REALLY, REALLY important to tell you!” Treasure stressed.


“What is it?” Daisy asked.


“It’s really important, so don’t forget it ever!” Treasure reminded.
Daisy rolled her eyes.
“Alright, I’ll tell you. Happy April Fools!” Treasure smiled.


Daisy rolled her eyes and walked away.


“See you three? That’s how it’s done!” Treasure boasted.


“Now, we can pull a more…interesting prank,” Treasure decided.
“What do you propose?” Cloud asked.
Treasure vanished, and then reappeared.


She returned with a roll of toilet paper. “We are going to toilet paper the BAB area!” she proudly announced.


Treasure helped us get started on tp-ing the area.


It was pretty fun.
Within a few moments, the entire area was tp-ed. We stepped back to admire our work.
“We did a good job!” Treasure exclaimed. “That’s of course because I helped, but you three didn’t do too badly.”


We ducked in the corner of the room while we waited for someone to notice.


It didn’t take very long for Brownie to walk by and notice.


“Oh-no!” she exclaimed. She was really starting to freak out. “I was supposed to be in charge! How did I let this happen?”


We all popped out of our hiding spot. “April fools!” we all shouted.


Mommy somehow appeared, just like she always did whenever there was a problem.
“Guys, I know you like to play a few pranks on April Fools day, but this took it a bit too far. Clean this up and I’ll be back when you’re done,” Mommy instructed.


Treasure conveniently disappeared, leaving us to clean everything up.


We got to work.


We worked pretty hard to clean up all of the toilet paper.


Finally, everything was all clean.


Mommy came back, like she had said.
“Would you all sit by me?” she asked.


We all gathered around Mommy and sat in her lap.
“I’ve got to tell you all a story,” Mommy started. “As you know, today is April Fools. But today is also something else. It’s Easter. Easter is where we celebrate how Jesus Christ died so that we can have eternal life,” Mommy continued on about Easter.


I stayed behind after my siblings left. “Is all of that stuff really true?” I asked. I wanted to know if it was real or just a nice story.
“Yes it is. But you need to learn it for yourself and gain a testimony of it yourself,” Mommy replied.
I felt pretty good. It had been a wonderful Easter/April Fools Day, and I learned a lot.
Alright, Diamond again. I hope you liked Cali’s story. Now, I have this Easter photoshoot of Daisy. I hope you enjoy!


Daisy’s birthday is on March 8th.


She loves Easter and Spring.



Her full name is Miss Daisy Blossom, but she goes by Daisy.


Daisy is eight years old.


I remember using a printed out coupon for Daisy. I think I wasn’t allowed to have her when I first got her, but the coupon expired on March 8th, so that’s the day she was bought.


I still have Daisy’s tag somewhere. I remember that in it it said that Daisy was Starburst’s cousin.


Daisy can be a bit silly sometimes.


She’s kind of adorable, isn’t she?


Happy Easter to all! (And happy April Fools as well)
How was your day? Did you do anything special for Easter? Or did you pull any pranks? Maybe you were the one that got pranked?
P.S. I made a survey, so if you’d like you can take it! Please be honest.

3 thoughts on “Easter Pranks – An April Fools/Easter Photostory Mashup

  1. Diamond this is so cute! I love how you showed the meaning of Easter. The TP-ing was pretty awesome though haha! 😀 Your Build-a-bear collection is so cool, they are all so adorable!


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