Interview with Twilight (Treasuriffic Tuesday ~ April 2018)

Hello all! Are you so glad it’s Tuesday? Tuesday means you all get to be blessed with my glorious presence. Today is the second day of the second BAB Takeover week.
Today, my best friend Twilight agreed to do an interview with me. Today I will ask her questions and she’ll answer. Then, she’s going to ask me questions for Thursday’s Twilight. Look forward to that because I am awesome!
Twilight’s answers will be in purple and my questions will be in orange.
Question number 1. Will you ever admit that I am better than you?
Um, no. Maybe at certain things, but definitely not overall.
Very well. Moving on to question number 2. What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
Let’s see. I would go on a shopping spree. I would probably buy my own house and car, then furniture, clothes, and everything I’ve ever wanted. Then, I would go on a nice relaxing cruise.
Sounds nice. This isn’t one of the 15, but would you take me with you and buy me some stuff?
Um, no.
Hmmph! Question number 3 then. What was life like before I came along?
Great. I was constantly the center of attention.
*rolls eyes* Question number 4. Who’s your favorite Disney Princess? (there’s only one correct answer)
Oh gee. Ariel, of course.
Good! You got it right. Now we ask question number 5. What’s our favorite memory together?
Hehe, we have a lot of great memories together. I think I like it whenever Diamond used to build us forts, and then when she quit, we just did it ourselves. Building forts and hanging out in them is pretty fun.
I remember that one time we built a fort and it collapsed on us. *laughs*
OK, question number 6. What is your favorite food?
Anything purple is pretty nice. Once, Diamond baked me a purple cake for my birthday.
Well, she baked me an orange cake for my birthday! Question number 7. What is the best day of BAB Takeover Week besides our own?
Hmmmm, I think that ours are definitely the best, but I have to admit that Eden’s was pretty good this month.
Number 8! What is your favorite season?
Summer. More freedom, and our birthdays.
On to number 9. What is the best Disney movie of all time? (Again, there’s only one answer)
*rolls eyes* The Little Mermaid of course.
Alright, now on to question number 10! What is our favorite thing to do together?
Well, we like to be better than other BABs and people. Does that count?
Of course it counts! Number 11. What is the best Walt Disney World park?
Hmm, well since multiple have Ariel, I’m assuming you’re going to let me pick whichever I like. I think I’ll go with Magic Kingdom. It’s a classic.
Yeah, I think I prefer Hollywood Studios, but whatever. Okay, so we’re on number 12. What is the best chore? (Haha, I’m so evil)
Ugh, seriously! You know I hate chores! Ok, I guess it isn’t so bad when we have to clean up our pranks we play. We did kind of deserve that.
Question number 13. What is your dream career?
How about one where I can tell people I’m better than them and get paid?
Question number 14. Apple or Samsung?
Well, the Apple products run smoother, but I do have fond memories of recording myself on Amethyst’s Samsung Galaxy before Diamond got a phone. Plus, if I guard it, then I’m a guardian of the galaxy. OK, I pick Samsung.
We’re down to our last question. Number 15. What is your favorite part of blogging? 
I have to say that I really like getting more attention. I mean, I like all parts, but just the fact that I get to be the center of attention is worth it.
Alright! That was an interview with Twilight, so please be sure to check out Thursday’s Twilight on Thursday to see her interview of me! See ya!
Ahahah, stay awesome,

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