Interview with Treasure (Thursday’s Twilight ~ April 2018)

Hey guys! It’s me, Twilight! Today, Treasure agreed to do an interview with me. I will be asking her the questions and she will be answering. She asked me questions on Treasuriffic Tuesday, so be sure to check that out.
My questions will be in purple
Treasure’s answers will be in orange.
Alright, let’s get started! 1. Tell the story of how we met.
Well, I came home from Alabama and I wasn’t officially Diamond’s yet. I had to stay in her closet, and you came in to visit me every so often. When I finally became Diamond’s, we began to compete for Diamond’s attention. However, when she lost interest in both of us, we became friends.
Yeah, that’s kind of how it happened 2. What is your favorite animal? (other than yourself)
Tigers. They’re orange cats, I’m an orange cat.
3. What would your dream house be like?
Orange. It would be entirely orange, and huge.
4. What’s your favorite game?
The I’m Better Than You Game. It’s where I go up to random people and declare my superiority. Or, I also like Monopoly.
5. Do you remember our first fight?
Yes. I was completely in the right. You got jealous that I was hanging out with Summer, but you know you hang out with people other than me too.
*Rolls eyes* 6. What’s the best part of being orange?
Everything. I’m so beautiful.
7. List the reasons I’m superior to you.
Let’s see, -1. I’m cuter then you
-2 I’m better than you
-3 I’m more awesome
8. What is your favorite holiday?
Halloween. I love all of the orangeness associated with it. Plus, I get to dress up as something evil. Completely out of character I know.
9. What is your favorite Disney shirt of Diamond’s?
10.  Are we friends or frenemies?
Definitely frenemies.
11. What is the best month of the year?
May. That’s the month of meeeee!
12. Which chocolate is best?
I once had orange chocolate…
13. Which BAB do you get along with best? (other than me, of course)
Summer. She’s a fellow cat like me.
14. What is your favorite state?
The state of awesomeness.
I mean like in the USA.
Oh, I guess I like Florida. It’s the sunshine state, the license plates are orange, and it’s home to Disney World.
15. Alright, final question. What is your favorite part of doing this interview?
Me getting to share my awesomeness.
Alright, that concludes our interview! Thank you Treasure, I had fun!
Well of course you did…
Anyway, bye!
❤ Twilight


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