Happy Birthday Amethyst (Wicket Wednesday~April 2018)

Yep, I am the man still! And if you proceed to read below you will see some others are writing with me on Wicket Wednesday this month. And that is quite OK, cause I am cool like that. Yes, I do have my own blog but I have been “a bit under weather” this month.  So, I have not maybe done much of what I had intended with my own blog – NOT YET. Gratefully, I have great friends who seem to take over and do things for me. I appreciate people, uh, all types of living creatures, too. As I am an Ewok, humans, dogs, bears, all are good. Life is GOOD.
So, now that I said all that big ol mouthful. Let me say what I would have STARTED with had I not so much help. Hmm. Well, you will read further about this as others also cared enough to make this part of their words on my day. Yep, it is a Special Wicket Wednesday cause someone I LOVE very much has a birthday today. Without this person, I along with likely many of my BAB friends would not be with us. And actually, it might be difficult for Diamond to be here since this person is her mother. Yes, HAPPY Happy Birthday to Amethyst. We love you, and you love us. I truly love your creations, especially Diamond. Love her creations, too, I mean people have you read her writings?!?!?!. They are SO GOOD and to those who don’t read her writings: TOO BAD your loss!!! Yeah, I might sound a bit like Treasure now. I love Treasure. She has a unique personality. We all do, and I love EVERYONE  – YEP WICKET THE MAN LOVES EVERYONE.
Actually, it’s Pumpkin again. I seem to be doing Wicket’s work for him. I have no idea what Wicket’s up to today, but he wasn’t writing this post, so I jumped in. I’m going to talk about Wicket unless he decides to jump in and actually write his own posts. Gosh, he sounds like a baby, doesn’t he?
I think Wicket might be a baby. I AM A MAN NOT A BABY AND I AM BUSY.
He wanted his own blog, and yet, he has yet to post on it. He also wanted his own day of takeover week, and yet, he doesn’t really do anything with it. I’m thinking for next month…Pumpkin Wednesday! No? Ok, maybe that doesn’t quite have the same effect, but at least I’m posting. Wicket on the other hand…WHATEVER DO WHAT YOU WANT. 
Ok, so what should this post actually be about? I know! In April, we celebrate Amethyst’s birthday! Amethyst has driven Diamond to get most of us Build a Bears. She helps with the blog(sometimes), and she used to play with us a lot. Some of our fondest memories involve a wedding, where Cokie and a lotion bottle had a showdown on who should be the minister. 😂  It was fun.
Amethyst fuels the fun sometimes. She’s not all fun and games, but she can be fun when she wants to.
I love Amethyst. Here’s to many more birthdays! (Thank you Diamond. I love you, too and this was very nice. I am not sure what is going on with Wicket this month. I will have a talk with him. I love you and all of our memories. Thank you again)
xoxo, pumpkin


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