Q&A with the Stones (Saturdays with the Stones ~ April 2018)

Hello people who read this blog! Today is the first Saturday of the month which means it’s time for Saturdays with the Stones!
Remember how last month we told you to ask questions for our Q&A? Well, now it’s time for us to answer those questions!
Unless there was a question asked to one of us specifically, We will all be answering the questions.
We have ten questions from the lovely Rebekah. Thanks Rebekah!
1. Which member of the family do you hang out with the most?
Mommy: I try to spend the same amount of time with each of my kids. I don’t pick favorites, so I love each of my children equally. Though, I probably do spend the most time taking care of baby Cali.
Daddy: Definitely Chip. I love all of my kids, but I work most of the time, and on weekends, Chip comes with me on my fishing trips.
Chip: Probably Cloud. I love my sisters, but they can be a pain sometimes. Plus, Cloud and I share a room.
Sandy: I like to hang out with Candy. She can be a bit immature, but she’s still fun.
Cherie: Cherry, my twin.
Cherry: My twin, Cherie.
Candy: Probably Cali. She and I make great sisters.
Cloud: My brother, Chip. He’s cool.
Cali: I like to hang out with Candy. She teaches me all her tricks to being cute and begging for a toy that you really, really want.
2. Describe yourself in three words.
Mommy: Nurturing, Calm, Kind
Daddy: Hard-working, Protective, Firm
Chip: Fisherman, Cool, Simple
Sandy: Talented, Mature, Creative
Cherie: Shy, Writer, Reader
Cherry: Bubbly, Playful, Inquisitive
Candy: Shopper, Confident, Fashionable
Cloud: Awesome, Sweet, Sith
Cali: Cute, Imaginative, Mischievous
3. What is most likely to make you angry?
Mommy: My kids always say one of my best qualities is how I’m calm in most situations. However, when one of my kids disobeys me right after I tell them not to do something, I can get a little angry.
Daddy: Definitely whenever I see one of the kids disrespecting Periwinkle. She’s a great mother, any kid would be lucky to have her.
Chip: Sandy.
Sandy: When Chip talks about me.
Cherie: I really don’t like it when people call me a scaredy cat. (Even if I kinda am)
Cherry: I hate it when I get in trouble for doing something.
Candy: Whenever I don’t get my way.
Cloud: When people don’t believe I am really a Sith.
Cali: I normally try not to ever get mad at anyone! It is pretty annoying when Candy won’t pick up her toys though.
4. When do you usually wake up in the morning?
Mommy: I’m usually the first one to wake up in the morning. I’m always up before the alarm clock goes off at six.
Daddy: At six.
Chip: Mommy wakes us up at seven, but I’m normally up before then.
Sandy: Seven!
Cherie: Just slightly before seven when I hear Mommy’s footsteps come up the stairs.
Cherry: A bit after seven, after Mommy tries and tries to wake me up.
Candy: Same as Cherry, a bit after Mommy trying and trying to wake us up.
Cloud: Seven on the dot.
Cali: Since Cloud and I don’t have to do school, I get to sleep in until eight, though I’m normally up by seven thirty.
5. Name one random fact about yourself.
Mommy: I once won the surfing championships.
Daddy: I had to travel to Canada for work once.
Chip: I once caught an 18 pound fish!
Sandy: I have my own YouTube channel and I have a ton of subscribers!
Cherie: Uh, I have a twin?
Cherry: Shhh, I’m secretly a spy.
Candy: I like necklaces.
Cloud: My favorite color is blue.
Cali: I really dislike sports. Except for the Olympics, football, tennis, basketball, swimming…maybe I meant to say I like sports. I tend to get confused sometimes.
6. What’s your most prized possession?
Mommy: Each of my children.
Daddy: The house that we have. I’m glad I’m able to provide for my family.
Chip: My fishing pole.
Sandy: My DSLR camera.
Cherie: I love my stuffed animal, Rosie.
Cherry: Whichever toy I am currently playing with.
Candy: My clothes, my toys, my house, my bed, everything I own!
Cloud: My lightsaber.
Cali: Me!
7. How old are you?
Mommy: I don’t share my age, but I’ve been here for five years.
Daddy: Same as Peri, but I’ve been here for nine years.
Chip: I will be three at the end of the month! However in bear years I’m turning nine because three bear years are equal to one human year.
Sandy: Human years three, bear years nine at the end of the month.
Cherie: Same as my fellow quads, three or nine depending on how you look at it.
Cherry: I’m about to turn nine!
Candy: I am two in human years, but everyone knows I’m really seven.
Cloud: I just turned six!
Cali: I’m not even one in human years, but I’m two. I will be one or three on the 14th though.
8. In honor of April Fool’s Day, are you more likely to be the prankster or the one pranked?
Mommy: I’m most likely to be pranked, but don’t think I’m not capable of pulling a few pranks.
Daddy: I’m kind of neutral to be honest. I could definitely pull a prank, but I probably wouldn’t.
Chip: I like to prank, but more often than not, I’m the one being pranked.
Sandy: I can come up with some creative ways to prank, but I’m generally the one being pranked.
Cherie: I am definitely the one being pranked. I don’t like it.
Cherry: Hehe, I am 100% the prankster.
Candy: Eh, I’m more of a prankster, but I do get pranked quite a bit.
Cloud: Prankster!
Cali: Me too! I love to play pranks!
9. What’s your favorite family tradition?
Mommy: Whenever we all go on a family vacation. We all pack and prepare for the trip and the anticipation builds up. We even go “pre-shopping” as Cali nicknamed it. It just makes the trip even more fun once we arrive.
Daddy: I just like it whenever there’s a holiday. We all celebrate the holiday in a way that is uniquely, the Stone’s way.
Chip: I like it whenever our cousins Rudy and Claire invite us over. It’s fun to hang out with them.
Sandy: Going out for a Sunday drive after church.
Cherie: The Halloween fashion show that our whole BAB family puts on is pretty nice.
Cherry: I like it whenever we have pizza. We only have it on special occasions, but that just makes it even more delicious.
Candy: I like our family meetings. It’s what we do whenever we have an announcement to make. Mommy or Daddy will call a family meeting to announce it. One time, they even announced Cali!
Cloud: I don’t know if you can call it a tradition, but last Christmas we all had a sleepover in our living room. It was so pretty to see the tree lit up.
Cali: I like it when we go to Disney World as a family.
10. What are your hobbies?
Mommy: Cooking, Cleaning, Teaching, Playing, the typical job of a mother.
Daddy: When I’m not at my lawyer job, I can be found camping, fishing, driving, hiking, or vacationing with my family.
Chip: I like to fish and camp. I also like to play pirates.
Sandy: Playing dress up, hanging out with my “twin” Gracie, taking care of my little siblings, crafting, taking pictures, planning, etc.
Cherie: Playing with my siblings, reading, telling stories, singing, dancing, and playing the piano to name a few.
Cherry: Blowing bubbles, dancing, watching movies, singing, playing, drawing, imagining, basically everything.
Candy: Shopping, watching T.V., looking through all my stuff, collecting, playing, dressing up, and traveling.
Cloud: I like to learn the ways of the force.
Cali: Singing, dancing, dreaming, playing, shopping, bouncing, running, talking, flying, mischief, reading, and being utterly joyful.
Those were all the questions we got! We hope you enjoyed reading the answers!
With love,
Mommy, Daddy, Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Candy, Cloud, and Cali


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