Berry Rates Food Photography (Baking with Berry ~ April 2018)

Hey readers! It’s me, Berry! I’m here with the second edition of BAB Takeover week! Today, I was going to bake something, but since someone decided to hog the kitchen all day, I decided to go through the photos marked “Food” on Diamond’s phone. I will be sharing my opinion on the food picture. Let’s get started!
Hm, I’m not completely sure what this even is! It definitely looks exotic, maybe it’s some type of soup?


Hm, this looks a bit exotic as well, but it looks pretty good. Not the best picture though.
It looks really cool. It’s beautiful.


Ooh, this looks delicious!


OK, I like the table. It makes the meatloaf look amazing. I think this photo is lovely.


Looks decent enough.


I’m hungry now. That cake looks amazing, quite honestly I just want to eat it.


This also looks amazing. I am getting really hungry.


Ugh, why is this picture sideways? Hm, I don’t feel like editing it. Oh well. Anyway, this is the famed Bread Pudding from Boma. I snuck a bite when Diamond was eating there once. Pure deliciousness.


These look interesting. (Again, why is the photo sideways?)


Hmm, this looks pretty good!




These look good.


One might look at this photo and wonder why I included it. However, this entire display is actually made of chocolate. I think it is wonderful.


I’m forgetting what exactly this is, but it doesn’t exactly look too appetizing to me.


Looks cool.


The picture doesn’t look the greatest, but Diamond obsesses over Moroccan food, so I had to include it.
This is technically a drink and I only included it because of the cool lighting.


Our Thanksgiving. I wish that the turkey wasn’t mostly covered up in this photo. Oh well, I do plan on posting Thanksgiving stuff on here this year.


This meatloaf looks pretty cool, despite how the picture is sideways.


This looks really cool.


So much variety.
This looks absolutely delicious.


Ooh, steak.


This looks okay too.


This is actually the gray stuff from Beauty and the Beast. Magnificent.
This is French toast and I really want to eat it.


Why exactly is this picture upside down?


Yummm, this looks so good.


This is so cute. Beautiful art.


This sandwich might not look like much, but Diamond let me taste it and it tastes so deliciously amazing. It is the best sandwich in the world.


Ooh! These are from the French bakery(I honestly don’t know what it’s called) in Epcot! They look so good. I’m seriously hungry.
OK, tell me what you thought of these photos. They quite honestly just made me hungry. I love food. Do you like food? What is the best food photo you’ve ever seen?
May you always be a blueberry,


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