DIY Tutus + Happy Birthday to Cali

Hey guys! It’s my birthday, so Diamond will be helping me show you all how to make some super simple tutus! I think almost all of my sisters like tutus, so we have a lot of tutus in the Stone household.


Alright, so you just need three little things. Tulle, a hair tie, and scissors. How easy is that?


Start by cutting a length of tulle. Diamond said that this piece was about 10″, but it also turned out a bit too long, so I would use a shorter piece.


You need twelve pieces in all.


It’s fun to play in tulle.


Then you take the first piece of tulle and twist and pull it a little.


Fold it over the hair tie.


And tie a simple knot. Wasn’t that easy?


Now, you just need to repeat until all twelve strands of tulle are used.


Look, isn’t that pretty? And super simple too!


Diamond was going to let me keep this one all to myself(we usually share), but since it turned up super long, I decided to let my sister Sandy keep it since she’s taller than me.


See? Doesn’t it look pretty? Is there anything you’d like to say Sandy?
Sandy: Sure, Happy Birthday little sis!
Happy Birthday to me! I hope you liked my tutu tutorial!
Love, Cali!


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