Furniture Shopping Escapade

I, Cloud Star Stone was preparing for a normal Saturday. I didn’t have specific plans, but I would find a fun way to spend the day.
Until Diamond announced that she was going furniture shopping and I was the lucky bear who got to go with her. “Ha, lucky,” I thought. I really did not want to go furniture shopping.
I rode in the car, dreading the trip. “Ugh,” I sighed. “What a perfect waste of a Saturday.”


I did however rejoice at the fact that we got to go to Moe’s. I absolutely love Moe’s.


All too soon, we were at the furniture store. I was not very happy.


We headed straight for the kids section. I was pleased to see a cool racecar bed. Maybe this wouldn’t be too bad.


Then, Diamond wanted to take my picture beside the princess bed. Yuck.


Then, I laid eyes on the most glorious thing I had ever seen. A land speeder bed. I fell in love.


I begged Diamond to let me have it, however, since I am a stuffed bear I do not have my own bed. At least one that is that big.


Then, I caught sight of an AT-AT bed. I once again fell in love.


And a TIE fighter desk. I’m so happy. I wish I was a human so I could enjoy this amazing furniture.


Then, I saw the most amazing bed in the galaxy. The Millennium Falcon bed. I was so happy. I really wanted this bed. It was amazing.


I love Star Wars so much.


This is an awesome rug.


Then, we were checking out a few recliners.



I, of course, had to check them out.


Since we were in the area, we got to go to Toys R Us for the last time. (Though, it was my first time)


It’s kind of sad that Toys R Us is going out of business.


They had Star Wars stuff in there too. I was in heaven.


How cool would this be?


This is epic.
With that, our furniture shopping escapade was over. It ended up being worth it to see all the fun Star Wars stuff. I guess I had fun.
Cloud out!
P.S. Today’s my older siblings birthdays. Wish the quads a very happy birthday!


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