Disney’s Character Warehouse – My Secret Weapon for Buying Official Disney Merchandise

Have you ever found a really cute Disney souvenir but it was just too expensive? Or maybe it sold out before you could get to it. Maybe you live far away from a Disney park but you like the merchandise anyway. Disneystore.com isn’t the same as actual park merchandise, and even though you can buy things on the Shop Disney Parks app, it just isn’t the same.
Well I’ve got a secret weapon for this. Disney’s Character Warehouse. I’ve also heard them referred to as Disney Outlets, but they’re pretty much the same thing.
How it works: Unlike most outlets where you get lesser quality items for a discount, this one is different. You can buy outdated merchandise(Same quality,) for a HUGE discount.

There are actually many locations for these outlets. I’ve only been to the two that are less than 30 minutes away from Disney World, but there are some all over! Find one near you HERE! Now, I haven’t been too all of these stores, so I can’t guarantee that they all have great deals
Now, what type of deals have I gotten at the Character Warehouse?
I’ve gotten really, really good deals at the Character Warehouse. In fact, I was thinking about this the other day, and 50% off actually sounded like a bad deal for the Character Warehouse. When I first went to the Character Warehouse on Vineland, I bought a character Magic Band for $2. Now this was regularly $22, so I’ll let you do the math.
Also, I got a pair of Flip-Flops that I had actually been wanting. It wasn’t an impulse buy, because I actually wanted them. They were $8, and they were regularly $30.
I got a shirt that I had been wanting that was regularly $36. It was $8.
I got a shirt that was currently selling in the parks for $36 for only $11.
There was also a bag that I bought for $22. When I went to the outlet on my next trip, the bag was $5.
I got a hoodie for $17, when it sold for $60+. It said 2017, and I actually bought it in 2017, so it wasn’t technically outdated. In fact, I saw people wearing 2018 sweatshirts in 2017. This was because it was cold, and the 2017 shirts were already shipped off to the outlets.
Another deal I’ve gotten, and maybe one of the bests, is a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party shirt. Now, I went to the party in 2016, but the shirt was for 2017. However, it says 2017 really small on the back of the shirt, hardly noticeable. I decided to buy it. I’d guess it sold for at least $30, and I got it for only 99 cents.
So, the Character Warehouse is definitely worth it. I totally recommend it.
Have you ever found a really great deal that made you super proud?

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