Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards April 2018

This will be the final Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards. More info later…
Today, we get to acknowledge each of the birthdays over the past two months!
Starburst turned nine on March 20th.


Daisy turned eight on March 8th.


Rarity turned 4 on 3/27.


Eden turned three on 4/6.


On 4/7, Teacup turned three as well.


Then, we have the quads! They all turned three on the 24th of April. This one is Chip, for any new readers.






Last, but certainly not least, Cherry.


Then, on the 28th of April, Cadance turned three as well.


Petal turned two on March 27th.


Cali’s birthday was April 14th. She was very happy to turn one.


Willow also turned one(I say turned one, but it really just means she’s been here a year) on the 14th.


And also on the 14th, Isabel turned one!
On the 14th, we might have went to BABW to pick up somethings(or someones), so more information on that later…
Now, I was nominated by The AG Homeschooler for the One Lovely Blog Award!
Thank you so much The AG Homeschooler!
  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post about this award.
  • Share seven (7) facts about you, yourself, and you.
  • Nominate one or two or fifteen lovely blogs and tell them the good news.


OK, so now time for seven facts!
1. I’m obsessed with the movie Enchanted.
2. I had three blogs, but now I’m focusing on this one.
3. I love Star Wars, with The Last Jedi being my favorite movie.
4. I hate roller coasters, though I once had an annual pass to Disney World.
5. I’ve got two little dogs, Poco and Chap.
6. I’ve been known to watch a really good movie again after seeing it the first time.
7. I once tried to write a book. I never seem to finish anything I start…
I would nominate some people but I’m too lazy,  but by the time I get awards, I feel like everyone has done them already, so basically if you’re reading this and you haven’t done it, you’re nominated!
Those were our lovely birthdays of the past two months, and our award!



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