15 Things to Do When You’re Bored (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2018)


Hey guys! Welcome to the third BAB Takeover week! Today, Wednesday’s spot was delegated to us, Sandy and Gracie. You can call us the twins though if you like. No, we aren’t biologically twins, but we’re still basically twins. Today, we have compiled a list of fun things to do when bored for Wonderful Wednesday. This was loosely based of an old list of BAB Club activities. We hope you enjoy!
1. Create a favorite craft
Some of our favorites include: Christmas ornaments(it’s never too early!), Duct tape wallets, and loom bracelets.
2. Play pretend
we’re playing car
There are so many games to play! Pretend you’re at a farm, library, bank, drive-thru, doctor, school, bus, or airplane. Even put on a play while you’re at it! Have fun with your imagination.
3. Skate/surf
In our house we’ve got roller skates and surfboards. Us BABs like to skate around the house sometimes(though, we sometimes use the skates as skateboards)
4. Read a good book
This one’s kind of self explanatory.
5. Build a fort
We absolutely love to build forts together! It’s really fun!
6. Sing
Turn on your favorite song and sing along!
7. Dress up
This one is also self-explanatory.
8. Go to a store
So you might need an adult to take you, but it’s still fun to go shopping sometimes! You don’t even have to buy anything, just window shop.
9. Write a blog, book, journal, etc.
Write something! You can literally write anything you like, a short story, a whole novel, start a blog, or even simply write about a favorite experience you’ve had.
10. Take pictures of your friends
This one can be kind of fun. It’s nice to learn new photography skills, and when your friends come over and make silly faces, it’s hard not to take pictures.
11. Come up with fun names for each other
It’s kind of fun to nickname your friends! I once nicknamed Gracie “White as Snow,” like in the song Mary Had a Little Lamb.
12. Bake
You will most likely need adult supervision for this, but it can still be fun to make a delicious treat. And best of all, then you can eat delicious food.
13. Draw/color
Pick up some pens and pencils and draw! If you aren’t a good artist, then just color.
14. Plan a party

We used to throw a party for each BAB’s birthday and holiday. It can be a lot of fun to plan, so make  a list of everything you want at said party and plan it out! Then, enjoy your party on the day of. It’s pretty fun!
15. Host a Fashion Show
As we’ve mentioned before, we host at least one big fashion show a year, on Halloween. However, invite a friend and host a mini fashion show! It can be really fun.
What did you think of these tips? Have you ever tried them? What would you add to this list?
Love, Sandy
with help from Gracie


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