Snuggles and Sweetness ~ A Photo Shoot Starring Snuggly


I was taking a few photo shoots of the BABs, and I saw miss Snuggly sitting adorably in the corner, Of course, I knew I had to give her her own photo shoot.
I got Snuggy back in 2008, she was one of my first BABs.
It’s kind of ironic, I remember telling my parents Snuggly would be my last BAB. I’m certainly glad that didn’t happen, or else we probably wouldn’t be blogging about Build a Bears right now.
Snuggly was at Build a Bear Workshop when I got Brownie. I remember my mom trying to get me to buy her instead of Brownie.


It all worked out, because Snuggly was at the store the next time I went and Brownie wasn’t.


I’m glad I have both of them.


Snuggly is just so cute!


I got Snuggly when I was visiting my grandma, she was the first BAB who I didn’t get at my local mall.


When I got Snuggly, I included a sound in her paw. It still works today!


She’s just so snuggly!


Snuggly loves warm snuggles.


You can always count on Snuggly to cheer someone up with a hug on a bad day.


Snuggly picks winter as her favorite season.


She says she likes to be able to wear snuggly sweaters and sweatshirts.


She loves warmth.


Ten years later, she’s still just as cute as always.


Snuggly says bye and she hopes you enjoy this post!


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