Top 10 Places to Visit in the U.S. (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2018)

Hey guys! Welcome to the Third BAB Takeover Week! Twilight usually takes up the Thursday spot, but today, we decided that I, Teacup would host the very first Travel Thursday! So, I will be sharing our top ten places in the US that we’d like to go. Let’s get started, shall we?
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1. Washington DC
This is the capital of our nation. There’s so much to do there. You could take a bunch of historical tours and see a lot of monuments. This is a place Diamond and her family have been meaning to go for a while, and you can bet that us BABs will tag along when they finally go.
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2. Orlando Fl
While Diamond has brought us with her to Orlando many times, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. We’ve only ever been to Disney World when we’ve visited, so we’d love to explore a few more theme parks such as Universal, Legoland, Sea World, and we’d love to get around the city a bit. I can definitely see us visiting Orlando a lot more in our future.
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3. Hilton Head SC (or really any beach)
Yes, our family has been to the beach before, but that was a really, really long time ago. Diamond didn’t take any BABs, and she doesn’t even remember the trips because she was so young. We’d love to visit a beach in the future and Hilton Head seems like a great option. (Mainly because there is a Disney resort there, yes, our family loves Disney)
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4. Disneyland/California
We’d love to visit Disneyland, simply because we’re Disney obsessed. Sure we’ve visited WDW so much, but we’d love to compare the two. If we were in California already, we’d love to visit more places in California. However, this trip doesn’t seem very likely seeing we live on the East Coast.
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5. The Biltmore, Asheville NC

Diamond’s actually been to the Biltmore before, but none of us have ever been. Besides, it’s not like Diamond even remembers going, so maybe we’ll have to go sometime.

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6. Dollywood/Pigeon Forge TN
We don’t live too far from Dollywood, so we’d love to go sometime! Especially with our love for theme parks. It would be a lovely weekend getaway. Not to mention all of the other fun stuff in Pigeon Forge.
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7. Grand Canyon AZ
One of those famous landmarks that everyone would like to go.
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8. Mount Rushmore SD
Another famous, historic landmark that would be cool to go to someday, but far away.
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9. Utah
This is more of a place that Diamond’s parents would like to go, but you know, we would definitely want to stow away.
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10. New York City

We’re definitely city folks, so we’d love to visit New York City one day. It’d be fun to go to New England.

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Bonus: Disney Cruise
So, it’s not technically a place, but we would absolutely LOVE to take a Disney Cruise someday. This is probably toward the top of our travel list.
What did you think of our list? Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?
Teacup out!

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