Sabers and Surprises – A Star Wars Story

Hey guys! I put together a little photo story with the Stone children about Star Wars. I hope you enjoy!
(Cali’s POV)
I was on my home planet laughing with my droid, CH-3RY. CH-3RY and I were inseparable. We’d been together for as long as either of us could remember.


Little did I know that a bounty hunter was secretly watching us.


Before I could do anything, the bounty hunter had taken CH-3RY away.



I was devastated. CH-3RY was my best friend. I had to get her back. I was going to do anything to get her back.


A little while later, I saw a transmission from Darth Mohawk, the feared leader of the galaxy.
“Cali Moonflower!” it said. “If you ever want to see your precious droid again, meet me at my Star Destroyer.”


I didn’t know what to do. I thought for a moment, and then I knew where to go.


I trekked throughout my planet to find the legendary Jedi. I’d never believed the legends, but I needed all the help I could get. I needed all the hope I could get.


“Hey!” I shouted from behind, hoping I wasn’t going to scare the old man.
To my surprise, the old man was not surprised be my arrival. He turned and said, “I’ve been expecting you,”


I faced the old man. “How?”


He straightened his posture. “I’m sure you’ve heard the legends,” he started.
I nodded.
“Well, they’re all true. I can sense things and so can you, Cali Moonflower, with the right training. I don’t have the time left to train you, but I can sense that you’ll be alright as long as you focus on your goals.” He explained.
I would be a bit freaked out by this man’s knowledge, but something told me it was okay.
“Okay,” I nodded. “What can I do to find my droid?”


The old man produced what looked like another lightsaber. “This is a weapon. You must be careful with it, but I know you can learn to use it,” he said as he handed it over.


I held the saber in my hand.


I ignited the blade, and a pink glow emitted from the blade. I gasped.


“Good, Cali Moonflower. I’m going to give you mine too, because I sense you’ll need it more than I,” Master Chip instructed.


As the saber flew over to me, Master Chip fell to the ground.


“Master Chip!” I exclaimed. But he didn’t reply.


I took a deep breath. I took the second lightsaber. I knew where I had to go.


I went to a popular spaceport on my planet. I needed to get in a ship to get to Darth Mohawk’s Star Destroyer.


Suddenly, a small ship appeared.


The ship’s pilot emerged from the ship.


I approached the pilot.


“I need a ride. I will pay you, but you have to agree to help me first,” I demanded.
“I need a weapon first. If you promise to pay me, I’ll take you wherever you want, but I need to get my weapon first.
I was grateful that the pilot was willing to help me, but we needed to leave now. “No, we leave now! You can use my extra weapon if you like,” I said handing over my extra saber. I needed to get to CH-3RY now.


The pilot took the saber and nodded. “Alright, let’s go. My name’s Candy by the way.”


I hopped into the ship. “I’m Cali Moonflower.” With that, we took off. I perfected my plan.
~At the Star Destroyer~


I approached Darth Mohawk.


“You have something that belongs to me, Darth Mohawk!” I announced.


“Ah, I’ve been expecting you, Cali Moonflower,” Darth Mohawk. “If you can beat me in a lightsaber duel, then you will get your droid back.”


I sighed. I would do whatever it took to get my droid back. Pink against red, our blades clashed.


I finally had the advantage over Darth Mohawk.


I wasn’t completely sure what to do. I had the galaxy’s feared leader under my control. He actually looked afraid for a second.


Then, his fierce look returned. “Cali Moonflower! I am your Brother!” he exclaimed. I froze in shock. What was going on? Was he telling the truth? Deep down I knew it was true.


Just a Darth Mohawk had his blade drawn over my frozen body, I saw Candy and CH-3RY shouting from an upper walkway.


“Hey!” Candy shouted. “You get away from my friend!”
“Oh yeah?” Darth Mohawk scoffed. “Who’s going to stop me?”


Candy ignited  the blade. “Woah,” she breathed. Then, she regained her focus. “Me!”


With Darth Mohawk distracted, I ran away, to escape. Candy and CH-3RY met me at the ship.


We flew back to my home planet. I was so grateful to be reunited with my droid and for the new friend I had made.
“What are we going to do now?” Candy asked.
“I don’t know,” I replied.


Darth Mohawk stormed his Star Destroyed angrily. “I want those rebels found now!” he barked, referring to Cali Moonflower and Candy.
This was not the end of their story.
So, what did you think?
Do you like Star Wars?


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