Pumpkin’s Photos (Photography with Pumpkin ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2018)

Hey guys! It’s me, Pumpkin! Today for BAB Takeover Week, I will be sharing a few of my best photos. In case you didn’t know, I love photography. I like to take lots of pictures in my spare time. In most of our posts, I’m probably the photographer. So today, I will be sharing a few of my best photos!
Ok, so I didn’t actually take this one, but I wanted to include this photo of me.


This picture was the first picture I’ve ever taken.


I liked this rose, so I took this picture.


This was on the day Diamond got her dog. I took his picture, and I really like the composition of the photo.


This is right outside of Pandora. I think it looks cool.


I really like to take pictures of the ground.


I like to think I have a good eye.


Some things are just to pretty not to photograph.


It’s fun to take a picture of the sky while you’re driving.


Storms are great weather for pictures.


I like this one. It looks really pretty.


I love photographing Diamond’s cute dogs. I love this one.


Here’s her other dog. This was on a snow day.


This was the same day. I like snowy weather.


The bridge looks cool along this cloudy sky.


I really am proud of this landscape. The lights look really cool.
So, what do you think of my photos?




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