Why May is the Best Month of the Year (May Mondays with Treasure ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2018)

Hello readers of my gloriousness! Today, is the last day of the third BAB Takeover Week, and I am going to share why May is the best month of the year. You are going to really enjoy this post.


Look at this beautiful picture of the wonderful me. I’m so amazing.
Now, I could list thousands of reasons why May rocks, but I am just going to focus on one reason. ME!
My birthday is May 26th, which means May is the best month ever. May is the month of Treasure, so May is the awesomest month ever. I am so great. I can’t wait to have my birthday. I’m hoping for an orange day. I mean that I want everything to be orange. Orange food, orange cake, orange presents…
Speaking of presents, I want a lot. I haven’t decided on what I want yet, but I want a lot of presents. I’m thinking somewhere between a thousand and a million,
I think that my birthday is the most important day of the entire year. I’m so great. I’m the greatest creature to ever roam the earth. I bless the entire world with my glorious presence. Everyone should be grateful that I was born.
I think Treasure day should be declared a national holiday.


8 thoughts on “Why May is the Best Month of the Year (May Mondays with Treasure ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2018)

    Polby: *glares* Dwuff! Be nice!
    Dwuff: but I am! I'm wayyyyyyy awesomer than Treasure. I bless and illuminate the earth with my glorious presence and I make eveeeeeerything better. Don't you think so, Treasure?
    Polby: *facedesk*


  2. Never. Maybe you can compete with my awesomeness Dwuff, but you will never be awesome than I. I am the one who blesses the world with my glorious presence. You must be copying me. Polby has sense.
    The glorious,


  3. Now, now, not so fast. Surely you don't mean to compete with my awesomeness? *horrified glare*
    -Dwuff the Superior, Awesomer, & Way More Glorious


  4. Oh Dwuff. Poor, ignorant Dwuff. I of course do not mean to compete in such an easy competition. I would easily be more awesome. No competition required!
    The glorious, terrific, amazingly awesome,


  5. Aww, poor Treasure. Poor, ignorant Treasure. *shakes head sadly* Surely you do not mean what you say. You must be mistaken. It is a universal fact, well-known, that Truffle McFluffy is the awesomest of all. Perhaps that you think this competition is too easy for you.

    -the even more glorious, terrific, and incredibly awesome, Dwuff.


  6. Oh my. Dwuff, I believe it is you that is mistaken. I am orange. I am also a cat. You may be awesome, but orange cats are more awesome. Treasure is a word for an awesome thing you own. Your most prized possession. Therefore, I am the universe’s treasure.

    The glorious, tremendously awesome, wonderful, stupendously amazing,


  7. Oh, Treasure. *sighs and shakes head* Nah, I still think it is you that is mistaken. It is a self-evidently true, established, and accepted axiom that brown bears are so much more awesome than orange cats. Y'know what I'm named after? Truffles. Not the chocolate variety, but rather the extremely expensive, precious truffle oil used in gourmet culinary dishes. I am the universe's most expensive, precious stuffed animal e.v.e.r.

    the mindblowingly glorious, astonishingly wonderful, Truffle.

    Rebekah: *rolls eyes* You guys. Cut it out.��


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