never too old

Hello! Today I have a post for you all that is very dear to my heart. I hope I can cover this topic well. Well, I guess I will get started!
Some people always judge others for still liking stuffed animals. Or maybe you like something completely different like dolls or any thing that’s meant for little kids. I get it. I like stuffed animals, and I used to like American Girl Dolls. You can just replace “stuffed animals” with whatever you like that’s “childish”. The world today pressures kids to grow up too fast. They put age limits on toys, and once you “outgrow” the age range, you’re expected to put the toy aside. While there are no physical age limits on stuffed animals, society puts an age limit them. I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry about society!
I’m not trying to say that you should keep doing the same thing with your stuffed animal when you’re thirteen as you did when you were two. I have to admit, even I would think it’s weird for a teenager to come up to me in public with a stuffed animal talking baby talk for it like I used to, I’d think they were crazy if they told me they truly believed that their stuffed animal was alive. I’m saying that you grow with your stuffed animals, not grow out of them. Maybe you cling to your stuffed animal when you’re three, then take it on every vacation when you’re eight, and when you’re eighteen you just look at it every once in a while. A stuffed animal can be a lifelong friend.
I’m not trying to say that you have to stay into stuffed animals forever! If you really are ready to move on from stuffed animals, that’s okay! Just make sure it’s what you want and not a result of peer pressure or anything like that. Stuffed animals are great and all, but not everyone will be into them forever. It’s alright if you’re getting tired of playing with them. Maybe you just need a break, but I just want to say that the purpose of this post is not to try to convince people to stay into stuffed animals. The purpose is to try to say that it’s okay if you still like stuffed animals and you are “too old” as society would put it.
When you do feel you are too old, but aren’t ready to give up your stuffed animals yet, it’s time to renew your love for stuffed animals. I know there aren’t many out there, but try reading a few stuffed animal blogs! Who knows, maybe make one yourself! I absolutely love writing about my stuffed animals. Maybe writing isn’t your passion though. If not, don’t worry! Just find another way to include your stuffed animal in your talents. There are so many ways to renew your love for stuffed animals. You just have to be creative enough to find them!
Never let anyone tell you you’re too old for stuffed animals. It’s totally fine if you decide stuffed animals just aren’t your thing anymore. Just don’t let anyone convince you to quit playing with your stuffed animals. I’ve had people tell me I’m too old and I think I used that as reverse psychology. I hated it, and now? I just want to prove those people wrong.
If there is someone that tries to tell you you should stop playing with stuffed animals, you have two options. You can either keep playing with your stuffed animals like you’ve been doing, or you can just not play with your stuffed animals around that person.  If you’re feeling bold, you can smugly keep on playing with your stuffed animals right in front of them. While that would be funny and bold, I’m going to offer an alternative option here. You can avoid playing with your stuffed animals around that person. Maybe it’s a member of your extended family that you don’t see much. Or maybe it’s even someone you live with like your sibling or parent. Just try not to play with your stuffed animal or make a big deal out of your stuffed animal when you’re around them.
I don’t think I’ll ever fully “grow out” of stuffed animals. I mean, I probably won’t be around here blogging forever(*sniff, but honestly guys, this will happen eventually, just hopefully a long time from now) but I’ll probably still keep all my stuffed animals around the house and maybe even take a few photos of them every so often. Stuffed animals have always been a part of me, and I never expect that to change.
I don’t exactly “play” with my stuffed animals anymore so to speak. I mean, I don’t remember the last time I sat down and actually played with my stuffed animals. I love to write about my stuffed animals, and take pictures of them, you know, all of the thing I blog about. I have a ton of fun with my stuffed animals, but I don’t “play” with them. I hate it when people judge me for still “playing” stuffed animals when that’s not exactly what I do.
Someday, I’d like to be able to have a steady writing career off of my stuffed animals. Maybe I’ll sell a collection of  stories about the Stones. Maybe I’ll come across a stuffed animal years from now and write about it. Whatever it is, I know that someday, I could make a living off of stuffed animals. Who’s the childish one now?
In conclusion, stuffed animals can be universally loved by all ages. Whether you’re eight or eighty, you are never too old for stuffed animals. And don’t you ever let anyone try to tell you otherwise.


4 thoughts on “never too old”

  1. YESSSSSS! *fistbump* This is SO true! I'm not exactly a very young kid anymore, and yet I still love stuffed animals. I'm okay with that! I think they're fun to play with, and like you, I also dream of making a career off of them. I don't see anything wrong with liking dolls or stuffies when you're older- even my older siblings in high school still do. Society is constantly trying to make us grow out of “childish” things. If you feel that stuffed animals aren't your thing anymore, good for you! But I've found that if a friend will seriously pressure you to let go of what you love, I honestly don't think that person deserves to be your friend anymore.

    hehe, sorry for the rant. I just really agreed with you on this and wanted to share my thoughts. XD


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