All About the BABs no. 1 ~ Featuring Candy

Hey guys! So, I had the idea to make a weekly feature on the blog where one of the Build a Bears tells you guys a bit about themselves. I’ve included a form for them to fill out and it will be the same each time to make things easier. I realize that this could take over a year, but I want to do this. There should be one of these up every Friday, with the exception of Build a Bear Takeover Week and holidays. When I’m done, I will combine everything on a page.
For the first one of these, Candy will be sharing a bit about herself. Take it away Candy!

“I’m cute! Want to buy me a present?”


Name: Candy
Type of Build a Bear: I am a Build a Bear Buddies Hearts and Hugs bear.
Birthday: September Fourth
Age: I’m almost three in human years, but one human year equals three bear years, so I consider myself to be seven.
Hobbies: I like to shop, play, watching t.v., collecting, dressing up, and traveling.
One like: Presents.
One dislike: Chores, ugh.
Personality: Materialistic, Short attention span, Sweet, Fashionable, Smart…
I would describe myself as: An adorable sweet little bear who everyone should buy presents.
Favorite post on this blog: The Stone Family Girls
Do you like the signature Diamond made for me? I sure do!

So, what did you think of this post?

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